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Whilst researching a surname listing of say ‘Moore’ (1308 entries), the order of entries seems to change when logging in over several days such that simply returning to page number display of 441-460 DOES NOT return to the same personnel record as the first entry on that page that was listed the last time on line ?
Surely I must be doing something when logging in ?? I am researching for a large project examining WW1 records. Please advise any thoughts ?

so what would you like me to do now- is there any news?
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Sorry that is not I

I only asked about David Handwerk which I asked in October last year.

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Fay blau-0416046662

is the repatriation option (on the drop down menu) for WW1 veterans, different records to what is contained in digitised open access records ? There is a fee of $223 for the repatriation option and i would pay that if it contains a lot more to what is already available in my grandfathers records already online