Welcome to the new and improved RecordSearch forum

Welcome to the National Archives new RecordSearch forum.

The National Archives first established the RecordSearch forum in 2011, with an aim of helping researchers and other users of the archival collection to navigate our online collection database, RecordSearch. We hope to continue this help with the launch of the new and improved forum.

We are aware that finding records in archival collections can be challenging and daunting, even for the more experienced researchers, as each item is unique, and there is not a uniform system used by all archival institutions.

We hope that our new forum will assist you in your research journey, and we look forward to helping you along the way with helpful tips and hints.

Hi. I have done searches through the archives for when I first arrived here in Australia in 1980 from NZ at age 7, but no one can find them. I can’t move forward with permanent residency until I prove my entry into Australia. Can somebody please help me with what can I do now? Thank you.

Hi Bonbon73,
Not all of our arrival records have been indexed. Could you please submit a request using the following form - Passenger arrival records inquiry form - RefTracker (naa.gov.au).
We will then look into it for you.

Thank you. A second search I did using my mother’s name came back yesterday with a match of our arrival date and flight number.
I’ve now done another search using my name with that updated information. Fingers crossed that my name is also found on the passenger list.