Lost Grandad and his siblings / Daughter

I have got very lost in trying to find incoming records from Uk to you . They would be for my grand father, and either his sisters or Daughter … I need to find records from 1875 any ideas , thank you

Sally have you looked on Ancestry? or My Heritage?

Yes i have cindy . All rather odd

Hi Sally,
Thank you for your question.

Passenger records to Australia from this time are held by the relevant state or territory archives in the place a person first arrived to. National Archives passenger records are mostly held from 1924 onwards.

More information on passenger records can be found on the below webpage.

Passenger arrival records | naa.gov.au

Kind regards

Hello thanks for your kind reply.
I’m chasing 3 different sets of records . Entrance into your country appox 1860s on wards ports unknown. And the two missing brothers on on other side of tree, sent from the children’s home. Again exit ports here unknown and Entrance ports unknown.
Where can I find the 1st set of records … or what can I do to find which ports they came into . I believe 1 could have been Brisbane, if so to I contact this port could you give a link or help. Thank you for your help.

Hi Sally,

Although there are some earlier passenger lists on the NAA site, those earlier passenger lists are mostly found via various state owned resources.
Maybe you could share the details of your family members (names, approx DOB, DOB location, Australia location and history etc), so we could have a stab at finding them for you?

rgds, Sylvia