Service records for Militia servicemen 1939-42 NSW

My father was a volunteer militia serviceman in Moss Vale NSW sometime during the above time period. When they were called up to the AIF for service in Singapore my father was not included as he was considered in an essential employment. Are there records of service for these militia men?

My grandfather was not allowed to enlist either as he was an essential worker (electrical mechanic). I believe he was trained under the CTTS (Commonwealth Technical Training Scheme) in Maryborough, Victoria. But unfortunately I haven’t had any luck finding any listing of either the men in essential works or the training. Considering my grandfather was made to move to Bendigo to work in the ordnance factory, you think there would have been some list of the movements of these people. I’ve contacted everyone I can think of, so … I would also like to know if anyone knows where such records can be found. Good luck!!

Hi folks, welcome to the forum. Have you tried the DVA nominal roll or the public record office in your state?

No to either one Julia, I will give it a try and I am going to try records search with the Defence Departments records in Melbourne.

Thank you for your response.

As far as I know, most military records are on this naa site.