Service number search

I have a service number but cannot find any record of the person using any or all of the search criteria?

It is for a lady in the WAAFS ??

Is there anywhere else I can search?

Good afternoon LisH

Thank you for your post. Our Reference services team can conduct further searches of our collection on your behalf. Not all service records are listed on RecordSearch and in particular those who served or continued to serve after the end of World War Two.

Please submit an online inquiry with the service person’s details.

Ask us about the collection |

We look forward to receiving your request.

Yours sincerely
NAA Reference team

Thank you so much Penny,

I appreciate you answering so quickly.
I am trying to help a friend and her daughter find her mothers (and grandmothers) service info.

We have a service number of W23975 and a Daily Advertiser, Wagga Wagga newspaper clipping of the wedding of Corporal Lance Palmer to LACW Betty Litchfield at the unit chapel Forest Hill (which I think is the Royal Airforce Base Wagga Wagga in 28 July, 1953.

Attendees and guests were all from the base as well as Betty’s foster parents and Lances’ mother.

Betty’s date of birth was 9 Feb 1931 and she died 18 Jan 2007. Lance Palmer passed on 21 August 2020…. So we can’t ask for their help.

If there are any records that can be given to her granddaughter that would be lovely.

I have cc’d my friend, in this email for transparency.
Kind regards
Lis Hannelly