Service number search

I have a service number but cannot find any record of the person using any or all of the search criteria?

It is for a lady in the WAAFS ??

Is there anywhere else I can search?

Thank you so much Penny,

I appreciate you answering so quickly.
I am trying to help a friend and her daughter find her mothers (and grandmothers) service info.

We have a service number of W23975 and a Daily Advertiser, Wagga Wagga newspaper clipping of the wedding of Corporal Lance Palmer to LACW Betty Litchfield at the unit chapel Forest Hill (which I think is the Royal Airforce Base Wagga Wagga in 28 July, 1953.

Attendees and guests were all from the base as well as Betty’s foster parents and Lances’ mother.

Betty’s date of birth was 9 Feb 1931 and she died 18 Jan 2007. Lance Palmer passed on 21 August 2020…. So we can’t ask for their help.

If there are any records that can be given to her granddaughter that would be lovely.

I have cc’d my friend, in this email for transparency.
Kind regards
Lis Hannelly

It would be very useful if the NameSearch search allowed you to search with Category of Records = World War II and only the Service Number , as can be done on the Dept. Veterans Affairs WW2 Nominal Roll search facility.
At present you must also enter a surname. E.g. I am unable to find a record looking for NX111596 or N24349 when I enter the surname as well.
But the record is there in the DVA nominal roll.

Hi michaelp,

Thank you for your feedback.

In this case, the reason you are not finding the serviceman listed using his service number and name is that his Second World War service record is not listed on RecordSearch.

If you look at the Nominal Roll entry you linked, you will see a second service number, 24349. This format of service number was used from the 1960s onwards. His Second World War record is likely included in the record for the later service.

Please submit an online inquiry for ‘Defence service after World War II’ with the details you know about the service person:

Ask us about the collection |

Our Reference staff will be able to determine if we hold his later service record or if it is still held by the Department of Defence.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

NAA Reference team

Another example which took a while to find when you are limited to having to enter a surname as well as Service number is
The NAA name search for NX111523 and MULLENS doesn’t locate the record.

No records match the search criteria.<<
That’s due to the NAA record having the family name spelt differently as MULLANS.
If you allowed the search by Service number only it would have been found.

this may be of interest …the wedding of the above… 01 Aug 1953 - WEDDING AT FOREST HILL - Trove (

Thanks Eddysl
Yes I have that and it is lovely of you to help … it confirms I’m on the right track but I’m after services info and there I am stuck. LisH

Hi @hawkespeters,

Some records of Royal Australian Air Force service from the 1950s are still held by the Department of Defence. This means that they’re not listed in RecordSearch, as we don’t have them in our custody yet. If this is the case, the record won’t be available to find online.

We can help you with getting access to these records. Please submit a Defence service after World War II inquiry and our staff will be able to assist.



Thanks so much Jessie I will get the daughter and granddaughter to do this … I’m helping them research but I am not related so wouldn’t feel right applying.

Kind regards

It is worth remembering that names aren’t always spelt the way we know them. Always try using the star key (eg: Mullen with Mu*); I was told that this is acceptable for searching when a field has to be filled in.

So true could not access my god father’s ww2 records despite having all required search info turned out when he enlisted he provided Percy as his 1st name instead of Percival.