Trying to find information about grandfather

Buddah bux died in 2016
Born in 1948

Hello Jessiikahh69

What type of information are you looking for?

There are a number of Bux entries, but none with Buddha. Information that would help in the search would be: 1. Full name (as written on his birth certificate, driver’s licence, legal documents, etc). 2. Where he was born, e.g., Town, State, Country. 3. Parent’s names.

Buddah Dean BUX was buried in Mooroopna Cemetery on 8 Jun 2016 and his funeral service took place in Shepparton), so I think that we can assume that Buddah might have been from North Victoria/South NSW?

Location and Time period make me suspect that he is mentioned an article regarding Cummerajunja Aboriginal School in the early sixties: (page#11)

What a great Story. Have you done any research on Ancestry? There is a Buddha Bux in the 1980 electoral role in Shepparton. There are a number of people on ancestry who are researching the name Bux too. Gladys Naby Muriel Bux was born 1906 in Cummerajunja, married, and had a daughter Nora Nicholls in 1928 at the same place. Gladys’ father was Meera Naby Bux, mother was Alice Emma Campbell.
Whilst there is not a direct link to your Buddha, they may be family, and it gives you a place to start. Hope this helps. Cheers

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