Which records systems section can correct Army rank on an Australian Korean Service Record?

Hi my father Dudley Keith Champion from SA, 3 RAR served in Korea.I have photos of him with Corporal stripes on his jacket but his Army record in 2021 recorded he was a Private.I wrote to the records and they changed the rank to Lance Corporal but gave no reason why it was not changed to Corporal as his photos in his uniform depict.I have a lot of of photos he took with a lighter that was a secret camera .I put many of his items from that war service in a large frame that was prepared by a retired Army person who ran a business doing this work.I have more items including a prisoner of war flag.I would like to correct his rank on his records or have an explanation why his photos in uniform are Corporal but his records don’t match that rank Thank you.

Hi Vicrod 1959,

Welcome to the forum. Do you have a copy of your father’s military records? That is where I would start, which you or your Dad would be entitled to get. He is listed on the DVA nominal roll as a Lance Corporal. Having his military documents has better sway, than any other item.