Automatically save RecordSearch results using Zotero

Zotero includes a RecordSearch ‘translator’ that automatically saves item, photo, and series information into your own research database with a single click. If a file is digitised it will save a PDF copy, and if you’re in the digitised file viewer, it’ll save an image of the current page. The saved record will also include persistent links back into RecordSearch. It’s a huge time saver and ensures you don’t lose references!

Some notes on the latest version of the translator are available here. Zotero is free to download and use and includes translators for many other catalogues and databases.


Its an excellent programme. I use it daily in my researching for family history. Grammarly is another great programme for writing up all your research notes.

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Thanks always to @wragge for his NAA RecordSearch tools over the years.

My wish for the NAA Zotero translator: Could the script for Items be adjusted to include NAA’s Item ID (barcode) in Zotero records? Either into the Call No. field (my personal preference) or added to the existing/citable [Series no], [Control symbol] data in the Archive field.

While not necessarily suggested NAA citation practice, I prefer to include the barcode in citations to provide the easiest way for inexperienced RecordSearch users to find a particular item record.

I wanted to find out some information on Arthur James Hudson who served as a Morse code operator in the Air Force from 1942 - 1945. Can you help me please?

G’day swshand, Hudson Arthur James
Is this him? There is only one listed, but his records have not been released yet. You can pay to have them released. I have attached 2 photos and a screenshot to help you navigate. If they work I can email direct. cheers Julez