I am trying to find out any information that i can about my great great Grandfather and have done a name search with no luck and was wondering if someone can help me please. His name was Andrew Anderson from Railton Tasmania when he signed up. I believe he went there in 1914, he was injured when he was on a ship called the Southland it was torpedoed. He came back home in 1919 on a ship from England called the Ceramic. He was involved in alot of heavy fighting over there. He was a fantastic man with a heart of gold and he lived until he was 96 years old, god love him. I have his original medals and i am in the process of getting replica ones so i can mount and put some old clippings and history in a frame. I would appreciate any help at all. Thanks Andrew amc464@bigpond.com

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Comment by Tonia (from NAA) on May 22, 2013 at 22:05

Hello Andrew

I apologise for the delay in responding to your posting.  All of the WWI Australian service records have been digitised and are available on our online collection database, RecordSearch.  I conducted a search for Andrew Anderson and was unable to find a record for a service man who enlisted in either Tasmania or Victoria (he may have travelled to the mainland to enlist) who might fit the details you provided above.  Do you have any additional information that may help us to identify him, such as next of kin (may have been a wife, father, mother, sister, brother) or his date of birth or where he was born. He may have used another name to enlist, or his name may have been incorrectly entered onto the form by the enlistment officer, or we may have made a transcription error on our database.  Alternatively, he may have enlisted in another country, such as Great Britain.



(NAA staff)


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