Any information about William John Watson  B. abt 1879.Albury.  Boer War 1802 Trooper No. 61. Know of his history from early 30's ish but not before. I believe he had 2 sons one name Robert / Bobby....who I gather  was an S.P.Bookie and the other "Tiger Watson" Tent Boxer could be wrong. Married 1943 Edith Lopes at Leeton....VERY new at this so any help would be appreciated....even Direction in a straight line would be better than  going around in circles..Thank You Chris Watson

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Comment by Debra on February 11, 2015 at 13:58

Hi Chris,

Was William's marriage to Edith his second?  He would have been quite old.  Not sure what you are actually looking for but if you know who William married then a transcript of their marriage cert (if in NSW) will give you his parents' names.  It seems likely that he is the birth registered in 1879 at Albury to Patrick WATSON and Jane HINES.

There is a marriage in 1904 at Albury to Barbara McGREGOR and amongst their children born (to 1914) there was a Robert.  Barbara WATSON died in 1920 and at that stage they had seven children .

That article says that William (John) worked for the gasworks so these articles may be him as well...

I don't know if this is the person you are looking for, but as I said, if you get a transcription of his marriage cert it will give you lots of details including any previous spouses and children.



Comment by Chris Watson on February 11, 2015 at 15:59

Thank you Debra....I didn't realise that all that info would be on their wedding certificate..yes he was old when he married Edith.  I  did get Barbara McGregor but couldn't get children and his death certificate said spouses name was Sarah????? but nothing fits with sarah. I will do as you have seggested  ...thank you soooo much for your help.. Chris.

Comment by Chris Watson on February 13, 2015 at 17:34

Hello Debra...sorry it's me again...but in the info you sent me the Barbara McGregor had 7 children...I read those paper clippings and the man is our W.J. Watson....but I don't know how you found a Robert born to them...I can  only find 3 children up to 1920 and no Roberts...I have gone in sides ways and back to front and can not find him. I understand if you would rather not continue with my search ...thank you for what you did find my father in law had only been talking about the river disaster the day before you sent it to me ...I was so excited.  Thank you again Chris

Comment by Debra on February 14, 2015 at 16:26

Hi Chris,

The births that I see are:

1905 Ruby E I

1906 Julia J

1909 Noel W

1911 Robert R

1913 Barbara J

All at Albury and all father William J - mother Barbara's initials are changeable, possibly because of poor handwriting on the docs.

You can only search for births up until todays date, 100 years ago, as the records are closed after that period.  The older version of birth indexes on CD which you might find at your local library do go to 1918.

I can see on the electoral rolls that Ruby Elizabeth Irene and Julia Jessie were both nurses.  Ruby moved around quite a bit and went from NSW to Victoria to Queensland.  She never married and died in Brisbane in 1979.  Her death reg gives her mother's full name as Barbara Rankin Copeland McGREGOR.

Possibly 'Robert R.' was actually Robert McGregor WATSON?  I see a death in NSW in 1977 that might be him, parents Jack and Barbara.



Comment by Chris Watson on February 15, 2015 at 10:50

THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN Debra...Cheers Chris


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