William Briggs born in Staffordshire Rngland 1906

How can I find out what happened to my uncle William Briggs born in Staffordshire England 1906. Son of Florence and Frederick Briggs and brother to Frederick Percy and Albert born 1908 who was also my dear father
I am 82 years old a d have bren searching for some trace of William for yhe past 59 or more years in order to fulfill a.promise to my father just before he died.
I realize my time is now limited and would be so thrilled if I.could trace some living relatived of William
I have found one possible lead of aWilliam Briggs who emigrated in 1924 on board the ship Hobson Bay from London England in 1924 bound for Brisbane. He is stated as being a dairy utensil worker.
Could you please help me to fulfil my promise and advise me how to continue?
Any help would be kindly appreciated

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