Sergeant Robert Long of 26th Battalion, Qsld.

Sergeant Robert Long of 26th Battalion, Qsld.

Robert Baskeville Long, my gt gt grandfather enlisted at Brisbane, Enogerra. He became a Sergeant Major in the 26th Battalion. He was born in Auckland NZ and his family were early settlers from Ireland, in Panmure, Auckland in ships arriving in 1848 and 1852. His Uncle John Long owned a homestead at Picnic Point Toowoomba, and the White Horse Hotel and "City Chambers" were built by his uncle.  

Robert (Bob) Long served in all the major battles of WW1, and had a storing sense of loyalty to his men. He would stick up for them when the English officers tried to court marshall his men for little reason. He had honour and charisma with the men which earned him respect. On returning to NZ he served 22 years as Vice President of the RSA (Returned Services Association) advocating for benefits and the welfare of ex soldiers. He served in the same battalion as that of Frank Honywood, in "The Diary of Frank Honywood Private ", by Eric Partridge which records in great detail the events and battles the men in the 26th Battalion endured. If anyone knows more about the soldiers in this regiment I would be extremely interested.  A pity E Partridge did not name more of the soldiers who took part in the War.


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Comment by Elizabeth Allen on January 8, 2015 at 16:13

Dianne,  You could try contacting the Austrlaia War Memorial to see if they can help

there is an article about the 26th Battalion on their site on the following link


Comment by Debra on January 9, 2015 at 11:02

Hi Dianne,

Robert Baskerville LONG embarked with the 26th Batallion, 1st Reinforcement, and Eric Honeywood PARTRIDGE embarked with the 26th Battalion, B Company - I have no idea who 'Frank HONYWOOD' is, was that his nickname?

Just go to the AIF Project page here and search for HONEYWOOD then click on the blue Battalion link and you will get a list of all the men in B Company .  You can do the same for Robert to find those in the 1st Reinforcement.

Have you looked to see if the unit war diaries have been digitised?  You would need to follow him around via his service record to find the correct diaries:

Service record



Comment by sarfarnaa on January 21, 2015 at 14:41

You can find his Robert Baskeville LONG service record and profile page here -


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