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I have been looking for details of another family member enlisted in WW2 1939 to 1948.

I was hoping to find details of his service record and background to his involvement in the period enlisted.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.



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Comment by Dalton Orourke on June 24, 2019 at 19:22
My Aunt Gladys m.s Wright. Born 1914. Stirlingshire. Scotland.

She married Robert Graham Currie. Bn 1911 Scotland

They married in Scotland.

Then they emigrated to Australia with 4 children from Southampton UK, 1947. On Asturias ship.

Their children are;

Robert Graham Currie, bn 1933 Scotland

James Graham Currie, bn 1942, Scotland

Robina Graham Currie, bn1937 Scotland

Gladys Graham Currie bn 1935 Scotland

I didn't know my mother but I discovered she had a sister who emigrated with family to Australia on the assisted passenger.

I would be thrilled to make contact with my Aunt's family. Update gun mayhem 3.0

My name is Margaret m.s. PAUL. Married name (WISE).

My mother was Louisa Wright Married John Paul &

LOUISA & GLADYS'S parents were; Alexander Wright & Louisa m.s. Howard.


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