How do I find if a parent was naturalized

Help please. I am applying for Italian citizenship and need to provide the embassy with proof that my father was Italian at my birth. I know he was after talking with his sister and also remember seeing his Italian passport in 1974, 12 years after my birth. He has had nothing to do with us since the 70's so I can't ask him as I do not know where he lives. There are no records or information of him with the Italian embassy or anywhere on the internet. I've tried Immigration,, every record and search I can think of, etc. Immigration won't help and said even a FOI wouldn't help either. He is the invisible man. I just need to be able to proove what I know that he was still Italian in 1962. He appeared on the electoral roll from 1980. Any ideas how I can proove he flew on an Italian passport in 1974 or was still an Italian Citizen? 

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