Aircraft passenger manifests, Inward - Cairns - January to March 1964

Attached are Passenger Cards for my family who flew to Cairns on 26 January 1964

1) George Petroff (born 13 February 1924)

2) George Petroff (born 24 November 1953)

3) Ira Petroff (born 8 November 1956)

4) Motu Petroff.  

I am looking for the Aircraft passenger manifests Inward list for Cairns for 26 January 1964.  

I checked on NAA but could not locate the Aircraft passenger manifest.

Kindly asking for assistance.

Christine Petroff

Daughter of George Petroff 2.View%20digital%20copy%20-%20George%20Petroff%201%20-%20Passenger%20...View%20digital%20copy%20-%20George%20Petroff%202%20-%20Passenger%20...View%20digital%20copy%20-%20Ira%20Petroff.pdfView%20digital%20copy%20-%20Motu%20Morea%20Petroff.pdf

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