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Fenech Family

I'm looking for Joe (John ?) Fenech family. Joe was born in Zejtun Malta 1880-1905 his father was Michele Fenech.

 He sailed for Wales when he was young possibly married a local girl, after he came to Australia. Could be  they live in Melbourne.

Any information will be appreciated.

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Uncle J Fenech

I'm hoping to connect with my uncle Joseph (John?) Fenech's family. He came to Australia in the early 1900, all I know about him is what my family talked about him when I was very young.

His name was either Joseph or John Fenech, born (1880-1905) in Zejtun Malta. He sailed to Wales when he was young, married and then came to Australia. My older brother Charles told me that our cousin's family (The Farrugia) who live in Melbourne had met one of his daughters.

I would be grateful…


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Alfred (Freddie) Moore

Freddie is my cousin, he emigrated to Australia around 1950 (??) . He might be living in Perth (?) he also had a brother John also in Australia. I would like to make contact with him or his family, any information would be appreciated.

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