Update on how you can view digital copies via RecordSearch

We have just released an update on how our digital copies are viewed via RecordSearch.

Where there is a digitised item (Photographic or paper) a new viewer has been developed which enables:

Single view –

  • Next / previous page
  • Jump to page
  • Item details displayed to the right of the image
  • Social media share icons
  • Email share – links to RecordSearch S&R Item details view

Multiple page views               

  • Loads 30 thumbnails of folios at a time
  • Zoom functionality (2 x zoom; full screen or normal screen view)
  • Digital watermark on the digitised image displaying - National Archives of Australia text and citation
  • Updated RecordSearch S&R help tips

Future releases will include:

  • a downloadable PDF version

Tips on using the new viewer:

  • Activate the zoom view by selecting the image (you will see a hover magnifying glass in the top left)
  • Zoom x 2 by selecting the magnifying glass with the plus, this changes to a minus once selected two times
  • Zoom view can be both expanded (full screen) or normal (select the two arrows in the top left to move between them)
  • Close zoom by selecting the X button from the normal zoom view, this will return back to the View digital copy – folio 1 in all cases, regardless of the page you have navigated to in the zoom view
  • Request copy & Issue to reading room can only be selected from the Item details view.

We are very interested in your feedback on how you find the new viewer, or if you experience any issues during your exploration. If you would like to provide feedback you can do so by commenting on this post.

Thanks and enjoy

Leslie (NAA Staff)

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Used the new update a number of times in the A452 series tonight. Had difficulty "saving" pages in Windows XP, and could not open item with Barcode above. Tried on both XP and Windows 8.1 machines; no luck on either.

Thank you William,

We will look into the issues you experienced. Thank you for passing them on.

Leslie (NAA staff)

Hi all,

There seems to be a caching issue with the new viewing of digital copies. If you are having trouble viewing or loading an image, please select ‘Ctrl F5’ to refresh the browser. You should have no trouble after this.


Leslie (NAA staff)


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