I'm researching my family, and have been unable to find any further family ie, parents, for Millicent Joyce Riddle, b1931 d2000. Hoping maybe there are some relatives in this forum that could offer some info. Many thanks - Jim Walsh

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Without some hard evidence I can’t be 100% certain, but the most logical choice for her parents are James RIDDLE ( d 1973 - https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/96226565?searchTerm=riddle) and Jane Dolores JOHNS (d abt 1980 Wangaratta VIC??) who were married in 1912 in South Australia.
A few years before she married Leslie Lionel ALCHIN, Millicent Joyce RIDDLE seems to have been engaged to Frances Edward PEPPER in 1950 (see: https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/168319402?searchTerm=riddle). I think that he might have been a bit of bad boy and am not sure whether their marriage ever took place.
In 1938 Edward James RIDDLE died and she is most likely mentioned as his sister Joyce in one of the various articles: https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/95945461
Her probable siblings are:
Douglas Lionel James b 9/04/1913 Kadina, d 8/11/1913 Port Pirie
Beryl Doloraus b 12/08/1914 Solomontown
Leslie Roy b 9/04/1916 Solomontown
(Tommy) Thomas James b 15/04/1918 Port Pirie West
Caroline Mavis b 27/06/1920 Port Pirie West
Edward James b 9/06/1922 Laura, d 17/04/1938
Donald Leo b 10/10/1923 Solomontown, d Dec 1924
Doreen Mary b 4/05/1925 Solomontown
(Reggie) Reginald Lionel b 27/01/1927 Port Pirie, d Nov 2003
Dawning Shirley b 21/11/1928 Port Pirie West


Sorry James Riddle's death should be 1953, and not 1973

Thanks so much. This is very good info. I searched the Trove and could not find it! Much appreciated.


Headstone photo for Millicent & other family members



Thanks Elizabeth!

Jim,  If you need more info on Millicents parents I can check the South Australian records for you


Through the info in this thread, and ancestry, I believe I have the info.

Thanks kindly!


Jim,   No problem  - what I meant is if you wanted to go back to her parents birth details etc  - hope you have been able to find what you need



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