Hi, I am a NZ citizen who has been living in AUstralia since 1986, in the days before a visa was needed to live here. 

I am trying to proceed with some applications and I need to get evidence that I arrived in Austtalia before 01/09/1994. I do no t have my old passport to evidence this and it has been suggested that NAA have arrival records. However it seems you cannot search right up to 1986.

Can anyone advise how the NAA may be able to assist me to locate my arrival record?


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Dear  Trudi,


I suggest you submit a 'passenger arrival records' inquiry through our 'Ask us a question' page: https://www.naa.gov.au/help-your-research/ask-us-about-collection



Penelope (NAA staff)

Thanks Penelope, I just stumbled across that and have put in an enquiry. I appreciate the assistance.

Kind regards



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