I have searched in the records for my gg grandfather's naturalisation certificate but have been unable to locate it so I am not sure that it exists in the NAA records.  His name is Gottfried Lehmann and he emigrated to South Australia from Prussia with his family in 1841. I have seen a copy of his certificate somewhere, so I know that it exists.  I seem to recall that it was a joint naturalisation record with a large number of other names on it also.  I think he was naturalised in 1847.  Can anyone help please?



Trevor Lehmann

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Hi Trevor,

You will find him listed here http://www.ach.familyhistorysa.info/naturalizations.html but they do not have a NAA reference.  The two sources are SA Acts of Parliament (1847) and the SA Parliamentary Papers (1872).


Hi Trevor

I conducted a search of our RecordSearch database and found a naturalisation certificate for a Johann Gottfied Lehmann dated 1895. He lived in South Australia and came from Thiemendorf in Germany.  I don’t think this is your gg grandfather, as he was only 47 in 1895.

As most of our naturalisation records from this period have been entered onto our database, I don’t think the National Archives have the records you are looking for.

Best of luck in your search


(NAA staff)


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