I've tried all afternoon to get the General Enquiry Form to submit. It keeps asking for the code in the captcha to be typed in - there is no code displayed.

I thought I'd trick it and listen to the code. After seven attempts of carefully listening to the mumbled code, I got one that I could understand. Despite typing it in, in both upper and lower case, this code was also rejected, meaning I could not submit my enquiry.

I'm hoping someone in authority from NAA reads these discussions, as I can find no other way to contact NAA.

My issue is:

I've been given a very feint photocopy of a wartime survey map of Paluma in North Queensland. I have no clue as to its provenance, and the person who first had the copy is now deceased. I'm hoping that the NAA holds a better copy that I can access. Here are the details included on the map.

Title - "RAAF Works as executed: Survey of No. 6 Medical Rehab. Unit & 58 Radar Unit"
Date - 13 September 1945
Location - Mt. Spec - Queensland. Shire of Hinchinbrook; Town of Paluma; Parish of Waterview; County of Cardwell
Scale - 100 feet to an Inch

The map unfortunately has no drawing number but it was:
- surveyed by F/Lt B.T. Webb
- plotted by L.A.C. Long
- traced by A.E.L.
- signed off by A.E. Bird (this is indistinct) for No. 3 D.W.O.

If anyone out there has some clues on where I go from here, please comment. I believe I've reported this dead webform several times over a period of years.

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