my  father       john  william  cooke      born   a   son  of  john  thomas  cooke    mary  jane  hughes    newcastle   nsw  around  1878      info    says   he   was    widowed   16/semp/1912    with  three   children       he  married  my  mother    at  euroa    19/2/1941    he  died  1956  at  euroa      what  became   of  his  three   children     did  he  have   any  brothers          keith  cooke

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Hi Keith,

Do you have a copy of your parents' marriage certificate?  Is the information you have given above (parents' names, age and place of birth) from that marriage certificate?

Who were the witnesses and what occupation did John William give for his father?

I notice that his death registration names his father as 'Richard Thomas' - do you know who the informant was at the time of his death?



hi   debra        john  cooke  was  burried  as   a  pauper  at    euroa  cemetery     i  did  not  know  of  his  death   for   some time    i  was  living  away  from family

hi  debra       copy  of   marriage  certificate    #3994             year  1941    euroa    presberterian   church          states   john   william  cooke      widowed   [16 semp  1912   three  children  living  ]    birth place   surry hills       farther  john thomas cooke    [farmer ]          mother  mary jane  hughes          married          violet may  mcleod          [widowed  11 april  1937 ]  with  six  children  living ]          birth  place  euroa    [mother  marion  elizabeth  wakenshaw   father  george cowell    deceased             at  date   of  marriage      both  were    living    at    sutherland  street   euroa            witness    was  clara  s  worland       [a  sister    of  violet  may                                                                                                                                                                                                                    john  cooke    was   known     as   jack   cooke    the    drover    john cooke   age  on  day      was  63      violet  was   35                   

Hi Keith

I have found a record for probate for your father, I dont know if you have this information? I have sent you a friend request, please accept so I can send you a private message with this info. Thanks

hello     lou        the     only      john cooke    i  can   find     relates     to   a  john cooke   from  norlane  died  1954           ps  sorry     for   slow     comunication      as  typing   and     computers  are     new  to  me

HI, I'm Keiths Neice. Chasing the information also would be great to be able to get assess to a copy of the Probate.

Would like to know how to gather information on his first marriage too.  Regards Cheryl

Hi Cheryl,

I don't know if Keith has progressed with his search, but I was unable to identify a first wife or the three children.

Victorian probate indexes are here

BDM Indexes Victoria

BDM Indexes NSW



I have found detail of another wife .. Margaret Ann Curtis.. But nothing on the 3 Children.

John married her in 1913, so there may of even been another wife.

There are records of Derision in 1922 at Woollahra. Nsw

Kim, Where did you get this information from.?

Do you have any details or know where I find them for John William?

"Richard COOKE born 1896 ref 15033 Redfern...died 1909 Chatswood"

Kim, this is a death in 1896, not a birth, and it was a death for an adult man.  There is no death in 1909 for a Richard COOK(E) at Chatswood.

"John COOKE born 1909 ref 12963 Chatswood...died 1909 Chatswood"

This is also a death reference, not a birth, and he was also an adult man.

The dates of events in the online indexes can be narrowed down to an exact date of death and you can then cross check to see if there is a death or funeral notice.

thanks Debra. I will delete my post.

Cheryl, do you have the 1912 marriage certificate for John William COOKE and Margaret May CURTIS?  Is there anything on it which matches your JW's details?  Parents/place of birth?

The two NSW Police Gazette references which appear to be the same couple in 1921 and 1922 suggest that this John had been working as a Cook at the Waldorf in Cremorne and he was lodging there.  There is no mention of any children and he was only wanted for wife desertion.

There is a divorce registered for this couple in 1919 and it is quite possible that he divorced her without her knowledge if she was not able to be found.

From your John Williams's second marriage certificate:

"Widowed [16 Sep 1912], three  children  living"

The only female COOK(E) death in NSW in September 1912 was a three year old child, Margaret Alma COOK at Bellingen, so if the date he gave was correct and he was telling the truth about being a widower then you need to be looking in the other States.


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