How long does it take before WW11 records are released, I am waiting for my father in-law and great uncle's records to be released. Jan

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Comment by Elizabeth Allen on February 9, 2017 at 13:11

Jan,  I think that project was put on hold - you can request them now but they are not cheap - depends on how many pages the record contains as to the cost


Comment by Lesley Brown on Saturday

I am searching for Percival Brown = who was in WWW11 as I am trying to get his Australian  Imperial Force Records--{BROWN PERCIVAL : Service Number - SX15170 : Date of birth - 08 Jan 1913 : Place of birth - MOONTA SA : Place of enlistment - ADELAIDE SA : Next of Kin - BROWN MARY}. He is my father.

Comment by Elizabeth Allen on Saturday

Lesley,   You can request a copy of his file - there is a fee involved

alternatively if you can get to Canberra to the National Archives you can view his record for no charge


Comment by Ozedee on Sunday

Does anyone know how long the project regarding the release of WW11 records has been put on hold for as I am researching my father-in-laws records

Comment by Debbie E Miller 23 hours ago

How do you fine some one in the war that use a different name  plz 

Comment by Elizabeth Allen 22 hours ago

Debbie,  It would be difficult if the alias was not known about

I have this site for WW1 alias

Also if they used an alias you never know if their listed birthdate/birthplace are inaccurate as well



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