My father served in Australia, Borneo, Malaysia & New Guinea during WW11. He lied about his age to join up, as he could not get parental permission. I believe he spent the 1st two years of service under an assumed name & when he turned 21, he admitted to the army what he had done & his records were corrected. I am having trouble finding his records. Has anybody got any suggestions as to how I proceed from here?

Hoping to get some help, thanks.

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Comment by Debra on March 16, 2014 at 12:25

Hi Kerry,

In my experience, where the 'real' name has been disclosed and entered on the service record then the service person will be indexed under that name with a notation about their alias.

Have you searched both the nominal roll and the general index on RecordSearch?

If you cannot find anything there, then it is less likely that his real name was revealed.  Do you not have anything at all with his service number recorded?  Was he an RSL member?

The following is a random example of an index entry on RecordSearch:

SMITH JOHN THOMAS : Service Number - NX163501 : Date of birth - 11 Dec 1922 : Place of birth - COWANDRA NSW : Place of enlistment - PORT MORESBY NEW GUINEA : Next of Kin - SMITH JOHN

When you search RecordSearch try using his date of birth only as your search words and then look through the results to see if you recognise anything else that is familiar, such as place of birth and next of kin.

If he lied about his age then you would have to search for the correct date as well as adding a year at a time to see what comes up. (1 Jan 1920, 1 Jan 1921, 1 Jan 1922 etc.)

Try searching for the name of someone else that he might have listed as next of kin other than his parents.

Many men kept their first name but chose a familiar surname, so try his mother's maiden surname as well as the surnames of any married sisters.

Unfortunately few of the WW2 service records have been digitised so it will probably not be possible to look further at the details such as their address at the time of enlistment without paying to have the record digitised.



Comment by Debra on March 16, 2014 at 12:34

Forgot to say, the reason that I gave the example is to show you the format of the index entries.  When you search make sure you use the three letter abbreviation for the month (Jan not January) and place of birth (Qld not Queensland)

Comment by Kerry Michele Dansie on March 17, 2014 at 11:05

Thank you Debra, I will try your suggestions.


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