Understanding notes and information on Military records 1920-1928

Hi everyone

I am trying to understand some information on a relatives Naval record 1920-1928.

He arrived from the RN and then transferred after 2 years to the RAN and then married and stayed in Australia til his death  1951.

It would seem the original information on his record was minimal as he was originally on loan from the RN.  I can decipher various additions of notes over the 8 year period by the handwriting and it would seem his personal information eg date and place of birth etc was added at the time of his repatriation in 1951.

Other records I have seen have been a bit more straight forward than this one. I am wondering if it was not initially added as he was on loan originally from RN and the data may not have seemed important until repatriation. Is this usual?

There are two notes I am particularly interested in understanding and am wondering if experienced members have seen such notes or can shed some light on types of notes added to Defence Service documents.

On the first page top right corner there have been three words written, I believe at the repatriation time by the handwriting, but they are difficult to understand. It looks like 'Trade Glove Webber  - odd but the last word suggests a persons surname and I don't know what else a note like this could reference.

On the second page in the lower right corner there is a note in another handwriting in blue ink and this appears to read:

'Letter to Solicitor NSW Feb 74 or 94 (difficult to tell) 92/40/766NP'

I would greatly appreciate any member who can explain these record queries.

Thank you

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Comment by Debra on March 17, 2018 at 23:27

Coincidentally I was just reading the enquiry about the immigration of his first wife so I know who you are talking about : )

The notation 'Trade - Glove Webber' is exactly that.  If you have a look at the 1911 census for Corsham you will see a lot of occupations in the glove making industry, including 'glove webber' and 'glove factory, webbing room'.  Walter was only aged 12 in 1911 and had no occupation, but I would say that once he left school he went to work in the glove factory before joining the Navy.

The notations made in 1951 would have simply been related to his death and the solictors' letter may have had something to do with his navy pension (NP)?  That is just a guess.  It is normal to see lots of notations added to records over the years.

It looks like his first wife died in 1926 not long after the marriage and he remarried in 1937.  He enlisted for home service during WW2.



Death notice


He died intestate


Comment by Cheryl Cross on March 18, 2018 at 7:32

Thank you so much Debra,

I hadn't seen the NSW BDM and that confirms I have the right death for Ethel. I am going to what I believe is her grave next week at Rookwood Cemetery and there may be a headstone with more information.


'Coincidentally I was just reading the enquiry about the immigration of his first wife so I know who you are talking about : ) '

is that in connection to my query on Ancestry? Have you found her immigration and do you have an idea if she could have traveled on a navy ship? I would be very interested to know when she arrived in Australia.

That is very interesting about the glove webbers in Corsham. I only have his 1911 census with no occupation and I have his UK seamen service record again with no prior occupation. Her aunt married a Webber and I was curious if it referred to a person - always looking for those sneaky clues!

I thought the solicitor note may have been in connection with his pension but I couldn't find a corresponding death of his wife etc that may have initiated the need for a letter. Unless the date is 1994 and Madge may have needed something for an assessment if she went into aged care?. She passed away in 1999 aged 88.

Comment by Cheryl Cross on March 25, 2018 at 23:12

Hi Debra you sent me the link to Walter Cecil Jones intestate notice in 1953. There was another intestate notice in in 1973/74.

Do you know how this would occur?

25 July 1973
AFTER 14 days from the publication of this notice an application for Administration of the Estate of WALTER CECIL JONES late of Wildes Meadow Retired Council Employee deceased will be made by Madge Eileen Elizabeth Jones the widow of the deceased. Creditors are required to send particulars of their claims upon this estate to Messrs WILKINSON, THROSBY & EDWARDS, Solicitors, 374 Argyle Street, Moss Vale. N.S.W. 2577 , or their Agents. Messrs MICHELL & GEE, Solicitors. 109 Pitt Street, Sydney. N.S.W. 2000.
thanks Cheryl


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