Trying to locate RAAF WW2 technical drawings (as in "Drawing A-3251)

Have been looking through RAAF Technical Orders circa 1942, and there are sometimes references to drawings with a prefix 'A'. They would be engineering or technical drawings.

I am having trouble locating where these drawings might be found.

To give an example: In Technical Order Publication Hudson Order No.46 (covering the installation of radar equipment) in one of the sections, "Structural Section" it started off "Refer to drawing A-2632"

In other cases the drawing code is written with a dot instead of a dash: A.2632

In one of the Technical Order it says that the drawing is "issued separately to area group and station engineer officers and aircraft depots"

I though they might be under RAAF Air Board Orders, Section T (Technical)...however a search of the NAA catalogue drew a blank.


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