Trying to find family of Johannes Gottlieb Erasmus (changed name to Peter Lane) born 28 October 1928 South Africa

I am searching for family of Johannes Gottlieb Erasmus born in South Africa on 28 October 1928. And maybe a  naturalization, marriage and death certificate

He joined the South African navy when he was 18.

In 1947 the navy ship he was on left from the Cape South Africa  for Australia (Sydney??). A few months later when the ship returned to South Africa he was not on board

 A was declared awol or possibly dead.

In 1960 he wrote a letter to his sister in SA telling her he lived in Australia and was married. He told her that in order to get Australian Citizenship he had to change his name to Peter Lane. (Strange?)

He visited his mother and family in SA shortly after the letter (1960-1961). His wife and son were with him.

He left and was never heard of again.

We are working on the family tree and would like to know what happened to him. It is possible that he is still alive. But his children and grandchildren are most probably still alive

If anybody recognizes this story or might know somebody related to this story, please contact me.

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Comment by Sylvia on April 5, 2021 at 15:25

I suppose that it is remotely possible that more than one Johannes Gottlieb Erasmus was born on 28 Oct 1928, … but have you had a look at the Johannes Gottlieb Erasmus who is mentioned with that specific birth date in South African Death records anyway (no exact date of death but I believe that this set runs from the 1980’s until 2008)??? He has no spouse listed and I can’t see an estate file for him either. It could be possible that he died somewhere else, but that he somehow still turned up in the South African records.

There a couple of sites that mention this basic info, but unfortunately there is no free way to add to this. If you are willing to pay, then e.g. is one of the sites you could try.



Comment by Vera Erasmus on April 7, 2021 at 5:53

Thank you Sylvia.  Really nice off you to help me with this puzzle.

I paid for a week on the website.  The certificate states that he died in Krugersdorp in South Africa.

It is very possible that he is the person we are looking for.

After the visit to his mum  he disappeared.  Some people in the family believed he never went back to Australia and even tried to find a grave.

No we can try and search closer to home for his relatives.

The chances that there are two people with the same date is slim.

Thanks again.


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