Hi i am trying to trace members of the cunningham family that emigrated from new brighton, merseyside in late 1964 arriving in melbourne on the 24-12-1964 aboard the Fairsea from southampton. there were 4 members of the family, mother, one daughter and two sons tony and johnny. after arrival they settled in melbourne. I would appreciate any help in tracing them.


Mike Leicester

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Comment by Sylvia on February 8, 2017 at 2:55

Only very limited details (eg approx ages, full names) were supplied. That makes things very tricky as it concerns a fairly common name and mistakes are hard to avoid.

So, based on this, is it possible that “Johnny” = “John Christopher”. If yes, then unfortunately this person passed away in 2002 and seems to have been buried with his mother.


Cemetery: Lilydale Lawn Cemetery

Area: [LLC] J-J Lawn

GISLocation: LL-J****409


Burial Number: 764980

Surname: Cunningham

Given Name: Mary

DOB: 22/03/1911

DOD: 20/08/1989

Age: 78 Y

Service Date: 24/08/1989

Service Type: Burial


Burial Number: 764979

Surname: Cunningham

Given Name: John Christopher

DOB: 27/06/1951

DOD: 28/02/2002

Age: 50 Y

Service Date: 4/03/2002

Service Type: Burial

Comment by mike leicester on February 8, 2017 at 4:04

thanks very much for your prompt reply, it would seem that that is the family as i seem to remember the mothers name as mary and if it was john christopher i only knew him as johnny but he would be about that age. Anthony was his older brother and would of been born between 1948 and 1950. the oldest sibling was a sister possibly called maria or marie or something similar. I would like to contact Anthony if he is still alive


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