I am an 82 year old lady and have been searching for the whereabouts my fathers brother went to in order to fulfill a promise I made to my father just befor he died in 1965.   I know  I cannot believe it myself!

After their father died my father Albert Briggs and his two brothers William Briggs born in  1906 in Staffordshire England and his younger brother  Frederick were seperated as my grandmother Florence could not afford to keep her young sons.

My father was sent to live with an  aunt in Ireland and my grandmother kept the youngest child but what happened to William has remained a mystery

Itis understood that William emigrated to Australia at some point but when is also a mystery

I found a William Briggs on a passsenger list to Australia 1925 going to Brisbane and living at 25 Woodford Road  SE25 

I know we had some realtives living in London  They were my fathers cousin and her husband

He is stated as being a Dairy utensil worker and I remember my father saying that he William had gone to work on a Dairy Farm in Australia

 The  Ship is HOBSON BAY date of dept November 1925 from London to Brisbane

Has anybody any idea  how I  can progress with this search not only to fulfil my promise to my father whom I love dearly but it would be wonderful if I could find any living relatives.  I had a sister who died when she was 6yrs old and I was 3years old so have been brought up as an only child.  Whos knows perhaps some relative in Australia may like to know about William Briggs early life

I know my time is limited and if I am lfortunate enough to join my father when my time is up I will be able to tell him about his brother William

Thank you for reading thia post I apologise for my ramblings

Kind regards


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Comment by Sylvia on January 13, 2020 at 23:16

I had a bit of a bad feeling re the William Briggs on the Hobson’s Bay because he was 2 years older than your “William”, so I had a closer look at his immigration data …

The following contains the ship's file relating to the Assisted Passage Scheme:
Title: HOBSON'S BAY NO. 12 (26/1088) SAILED 24.11.1925
Contents range: 1925 - 1926
Barcode: 446159

William is listed on Page 27 and 42 list as a Farm apprentice. On page 27 he’s “William J. L. Briggs” and on page 42 he’s “William J. Briggs”

I suspect that this could be William James Lawrence Briggs b abt 1908 district Poplar (son of William and Deborah)

Comment by FLORENCE SWINTON on January 14, 2020 at 4:55

Thank you Sylvia for your interest

It looks as though this isn't my William Briggs after all

His parents were Frederick and Florence Briggs nee Norris

I guess I should call it a day but Something keeps me trying

Kind regards


Comment by FLORENCE SWINTON on January 14, 2020 at 4:56


Comment by Sylvia on Tuesday

Hi Florence,

I know that your William was born in Porthill, Staffordshire  and that his birth was registered in the second quarter of 1906 in district Wolstanton. However, you must have realised that there are a great deal of William Briggs out there, so a precise date of birth would be useful. This will allow us to reject various incorrect possibilities much sooner.


Comment by FLORENCE SWINTON on Thursday

Hi Sylvia

Sorry for the delay in answering your last message.  William was born 4th  March 1906   Hope this helps

Comment by Sylvia on Friday

I understand that you first heard about William abt 1950 and that a remark was made that he’d gone to another country, so I’m trying to understand the timeline between 1911 and 1950 and therefore have a number of questions

The family was still together at the time of the 1911 Census (i.e. 2 April 1911), but when exactly was the family split up? And, Is there an inkling where the young William was sent to: family, fostering, orphanage, Bernardos (Canada/Australia) etc ….

When/Where was the family’s last confirmed sighting and/or contact (letters?) with William?

I saw some posts reg a possible stint in the RAMC in the 30’s ( How convinced are you that this is your William as you’d been staring at that 1925 Immigration for at least 7 years. A 1925 departure from England, does not seem to to add up completely with a 1930’s activity in England (it is not impossible, but it seems unlikely).

Why are you so sure that he went to Australia? I saw something re gan Oxo ranch possibility … I’d expect to find him in North or South America.

Is there a possibility that William could have changed his name?


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