Searching for the Ogrodnik family members

Searching for the family members of the Ogrodnik clan . 

My grandparents Jan and Marija with their two children Joseph and Marianna were displaced persons and arrived here on the ship SKAUGUM 28th July 1949 . 

On the ships records their are other listed family members who were settled in other parts of Australia.  

Any information or links would be greatly appreciated . 

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Comment by Sylvia on November 14, 2019 at 17:08

I’m not really sure who you are looking for???

1 To start with, Jan, Marija and their children were on the Skaugum when it arrived in Newcastle 29 Nov 1949 (ex Naples 2 November 1949?)

2 You mentioned other family members on the same voyage.  I can’t see any other Ogrodniks on the passenger list, so If your family members had a different surname, you’ll need to tell us.

3 There are various Ogrodniks who came to Australia, but maybe you are thinking of another Ogrodnik family (Stefan, Ludmila and a daughter) who were supposed to travel on an earlier crossing of the Skaugum. This family was deleted from the Skaugum passenger list due to medical reasons. They ended up coming over on the “Anna Salen” ex Naples on 2 Oct 1949 and arrived in Melbourne on 1 Nov 1949.  Stefan died 82y on 4 Nov 2003 and Ludmila was 91Y when she died on 18 Jul 2016. Both are buried in Springvale Botanical Cemetery (VIC).


Comment by Karen Ogrodnik on November 14, 2019 at 17:19

Hello Sylvia . 

Thankyou so very much for your insight and another thread that maybe a link to my family's history . I'm wondering if you have any information on the name Hans and Martha Fuchs . They had a daughter Alexandra they may have boarded the same ship . 

That's very kind of you to give me the information on my grandparents . 

I wish you the best 


Comment by Sylvia on November 14, 2019 at 17:41

It seems that Johann Fuchs (b 1931, Regensberg ), Martha (b 1938, Regensberg) and their infant daughter did not leave Germany until May 1968 (by airplane)

Comment by Karen Ogrodnik on November 14, 2019 at 19:22

Thankyou Sylvia . 


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