Searching for information about Thomas Brian Tanner

Looking for information and next of kin of Thomas Brian Tanner who served in the Vietnam War.

Born 25 December 1933.

Have checked the nominal roll but nothing shows up. I know that he was airlifted out on the day he was due to come home as a chopper that he was near was blown up. Doctors gave him minimal chance of survival. He proved them wrong. He had a daughter Fiona who would currently be about 50 years of age. He lived in the Toongabbie area (NSW) for several years before moving to the Mudgee area. He died there 26 May 2007.

Any information about Thomas would be helpful. Also searching for any information and/or contact details for Fiona.

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Comment by Maxine dianna Koimanis on April 12, 2018 at 12:02

T B Tanner served in the Korean War, not the Vietnam War. He retired with the rank of Sargent.

Do you know where he is buried? I understand he remarried, is his wife still alive?

Why would you want Fiona's info?


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