I am trying to locate a record about my father being taken into custody by police for non payment of a child support payment. I'm not sure what or who managed that aspect of child welfare, especially when the child's mother was indigenous,

This happened in Cootamundra NSW sometime between 1930 and 1944. He had previously worked with the  young indigenous woman who was also employed on the same property, and  they became close for a time. Their relationship did not last though due to family pressures, and he left Australia when he volunteered to fight in the Army.

He was arrested by police as he was  named as the father of a child born to the young indigenous woman who was pregnant to another man, He had no knowledge of her circumstances until his arrest.. 

He was arrested and my Uncle bailed him out for 10 shillings. He then paid for the child until she was 16 but I know nothing more of her or her mother. 

Where and how do I find a record of this to identify the woman and possibly the family?

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Comment by LindaVenn on April 4, 2021 at 14:20

Have you tried Trove? Look for a local newspaper. Often there were court reports.



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