Regarding my family history - This gentleman was a well known English actor, acted in naval roles.

Born 23.4.l786 Marylebone,   died in l864, 37 Thurloe Square.

I am interested to know who his wife was, please?

He was the father of Martha Mary Cooke, also actress, I think she also had a sister.

Wondering when Martha was born (I think in Bath) and when she died (probably in Australia,)

Help would be appreciated,


Felicity A

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Comment by Felicity Adderley on March 21, 2012 at 14:18


Thinking about the Thompson marriage.   Martha I believe was born in l800, died in l870 at 70 years of age, so it would be unlikely that she married underage.   Wonder if either of them were already married to someone else?   Seems unlikely though.   Maybe they were hopeless romantics!

I have been given the impression that George's people were entirely against the marriage. 

Wondering if you have any idea who James Cook married?   Not a great worry to me but if you know it would be nice to have a name there.

Another query,(on other side of family)  I have a certified copy of an entry of marriage from Manchester, and the age of the bride and groom is given as full, what does this mean please?   Was hoping to get the exact age of groom but seem stymied for looking for birth certificate.

Thanks for all you have done for me,

Felicity A.

Comment by Debra on March 22, 2012 at 23:09

Hi Felicity,

Full age just means that they were both 21 years or older and so did not need permission to marry.  Of course this wasn't always true, but it was up to the officiating minister to satisfy himself that both parties were of age and not already married.  The marriage banns were read on three consecutive Sundays prior to the wedding so that anyone who had objections could do so.  What years are you looking at?  Would the groom appear on any censuses from 1841 onward?

I did find this playbill from the 1828 production of "Peter Wilkins" with full descriptions of the scenery which sounds very ambitious!  With all the "flying" going on I am surprised nobody was killed.

Have you seen the collection of cartes de visite held by the Victoria and Albert Museum of Jane Elizabeth Thomson/Young/Vezin?  They are quite remarkable, and Hermann is also in some of them.

I have checked what I can for the events that we have info for such as Harriet, Sarah and Martha's baptisms.

An online resource to keep an eye on is the ongoing indexing at and the main search page at

I would contact the Theatre Royal in Bath and ask if they know of anyone who is an expert on the history of the performers in the early 1800's.  I am sure there would be someone.

The Bristol and Avon FHS covers the city of Bath and they should be able to give you advice about indexes and other finding aids.

Here is someone else interested in the family - she names the third brother (the upholsterer) as John.



Comment by Felicity Adderley on March 23, 2012 at 9:20


Thanks for all your interesting tips.   Can I look up Census without being in Ancestry?  I have used Ancestry at our Library and find it very frustrating at times.   The other family I am researching is also very interesting, this s time on my father's side.

The person I am looking for is Samuel Davies (perhaps Davis).  He married my g.g. grandmother, Jane Oddie on l5 Apr.l849. at St Johns Church, Parish Manchester, County Lancaster.  Witnesses, George Davies and Elizabeth Jopson.  Samuel described as Joiner and James Oddie (Janes father, described as Cattle Dealer).

Application No 3277352-1    MXF 328401

Why I am interested is, Jane came out here with no husband, but was accompanied by her mother and her child Alice  and a Joseph Davis (aged l9 yrs)   The name seems to have been changed to Davis on the boat.  They sailed from Liverpool and arrived here in Melb 7th July l854. Joseph Davies apparently died in a mining accident and did not live long. I found out that Jane only lived 9 mths, had an awful death and they cannot find where she is buried, (I have double checked on that) but know she is in the old cemetery at Ballarat.  I cannot find a Samuel Davies/ Davis buried anywhere near Ballarat or surrounds.

 There was a family in Ballarat of miners who I think were related to David Davies the artist, and there was also a Davies involved in the Bakery business but doubt any connection.  I hope to go to Ballarat again when my husband gets well, he has a few minor health issues at present.

Jane's brother is in the Australian biography, James Oddie.

I am wondering if this Samuel Davies was part of a marriage gone wrong, in prison, or maybe a convict, no body in my family seems to know.  Joseph or George Davies maybe a clue, but I do not know if they lived near Jane who was baptised in Clitheroe , Lanchashire.

I will follow up your other leads, gradually getting things in order  but the job is huge, thanks for all your help.

Felicity A

Comment by Felicity Adderley on March 31, 2012 at 8:54


Good to get that new info re George Thompson, thanks.  I have not done much searching this week , had a few family crisis, but hope to get back later next week.  Was'nt sure if that recent info you sent was from you or Mark Whelan Lamont, anyway thanks a lot.  Got back a letter from Birmingham regarding Charles Jones, no luck there but they have given me some sights to look in so will do when time permits.  They are having much upheaval there at present, preparing to move to new library and their main genealogist having left.

any way,

bye for now,

Felicity A

Comment by Debra on April 2, 2012 at 14:00

Hi Felicity,

There are some free census indexes at and but the two subscription sites have the most complete indexes together with images.

I did find Jane with her mother and brothers in 1841 but cannot for the life of me find Margaret Oddie, or George, Jane and Alice in 1851.  The handwriting on the returns for the Preston area (the most likely area) is atrocious so they may just be hiding behind the scrawl.  I did go for an 1851 virtual wander along Church Street where they lived in 1841 but no luck with the bits of the street that I found.

Alice Oddie Davies was born on 11 Feb 1850 and baptised on 29 December 1850 in Manchester.  Is there any reason that you don't think that Samuel simply died?  Have you seen the original shipping record and does it give any indication whether Jane was a widow or not?  Do you have Samuel's father's name from the marriage cert?



Comment by Felicity Adderley on April 3, 2012 at 9:31


The shipping record -  found it, they came out on the Albatross July l854, B File 072. from Liverpool, described as Mrs Oddie, Mrs Davis, Alice O, ages 60, 26 and 4.   Jane died in Ballarat 9 months after and described as married on death certificate.  No indication that Jane was widow on ship manifest.

I assume the George Davies on the marriage certificate, which I have a certified copy of 'was Samuel's father or some relation.  An Elizabeth Jepson also was witness.  I have just looked at an old family tree and it is written that James Oddie Snr died l839 aged 65, and his father John Oddie, Gisborne Yorkshire.  Clitheroe seems to come up now and again.  Jane's brother, James came out here in l848 and his brother came out in in l852,so gradually they all came here, Jane and her mother coming out last in l854.

Seems strange that they cannot be found, will trawl through my stuff again to see if I can find more clues, thanks for the info re sites, will make a financial investment and will have more time after school hols.

Felicity A

Comment by Felicity Adderley on April 3, 2012 at 16:27


Yes, it is possible that Samuel Davies/Davis died.  As I said, Jane was described as married woman on her death certificate and I was wondering why he did not come out here.  Death certs are not very accurate though.

Have some Samuel Davis on Digger - Pioneer Index  -     Perhaps should have looked up Davies.

Davis, Samuel    d  unknown   40  England  l860  l0897

Davis, Samuel    d  William     Mary U   44  London  l870  3019

Davis, Samuel    d   U                           70              1870  6009

Davis, Samuel    d   U                           62 England  l875  ll486

Davis, Samuel    d   Samuel  Mary Hall   58 England  l879   7378

The Oddie's were Methodists, and Jane's father was originally described as a retired Inn Keeper in the biography of his son, James.

Margaret Hargreaves(wife of James Oddie,snr) is supposed to be related to the J. Hargreaves of Spinning Jenny fame,(1720-1778) born Ostwaldthistle, and I think they lived at Stanhill, Blackburn, Lanc, later moving to Nottingham.    Is it possible that the family moved closer to her relatives at some time?   The lost person Davies has always mystified me and my questions with family seem to throw no light on him.

bye for now,

Felicity A

Comment by Peter E Nelson on February 6, 2017 at 16:08

Hi Felicity,

Your search for details re Jane Oddie Davis/Davies. Her daughter Alice Oddie Davis married a William Blandford my grandfather in Ballarat.

Yes it is puzzling re the death of Jane with no burial record, given that James Oddie, her brother,was such a prominent Ballarat citizen.

According to my mother whose mother Alice was Jane's daughter - - Samuel Davis was a drunkard and she was assisted to "escape" from him to Australia with her child. I don't know about Joseph, what his connection was if any.

Comment by Felicity Adderley on February 7, 2017 at 15:11


To E.Nelson,

Thanks for the info re Samuel Davis/Davies.   I think Joseph may have been a brother of Samuel, not sure.

I have copy of death certificate of Jane, she died of suffocation caused by tumour pressing on her trachea, poor thing in June l855 and buried in old cemetery but the grave cannot be detected.   I have a lot of info re Blandford family tree on Ancestry but have no details of living people in it.  Her brother James is in the New cemetery,


Comment by Felicity Adderley on February 7, 2017 at 18:05

To Peter E.Nelson,

I was wondering what your mothers christian name was, I gather she married a Nelson though.

I seem to remember the name Marjorie coming up when my father, mentioned the Blandfords.

I still have some spaces to fill in with the Blandford's, I do not put live people in my tree, just to be safe.

I do not have a paid sub for Ancestry at present  but can fill in a few places on my family tree, it got very taxing and I had to give it up for a while as I was doing both sides of the family.   

yours sincerely,

Felicity Adderley                                


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