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During searching grandfather Jan Kolosko born. 21/11/1924, who sailed on the ship to Australia in 1949 I found in the National Archives on this site  full digital copy of his naturalization papers- in open access, so the documents are in the open access, does it mean that a person has died, and after his death has been more than 30 years? thanks in advance

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Comment by Sherryl Crowley on February 5, 2015 at 20:59

Hi Yuliya,

I've just joined  the forums, saw that no one has answered, and did a quick look on the net. Found this on the Ryerson Index site  - KOLOSKO Jan see LAURANT John The Age (Melbourne) 1 Aug 1988.

LAURANT John (Jan) Probate Notice 26 May 1988 Late of Albion The Age 26 May 1988. and 1 Aug 1988.

So looks like Jan Kolosko was known as Jan or John Laurant who lived in Albion, Victoria. There is a probate notice in the Age newspaper on 26 May and 1 Aug 1988.

Found his burial at Altona Cemetery - there is a John Laurant died 19 Feb 1988 burial 23 Feb 1988. He is buried with a Maria Laurant born 11 Nov 1915 died 13 May 2012 buried 18 May 2012. On Ancestry Jan is a Kolosko in 1968 but by 1972 he is John Laurant and Maria is with him.



Comment by Yuliya Dubovik on November 20, 2018 at 3:22

Deaк  Sherryl Crowley  I just now saw and read your message.
Why do you think Ian Kolosko is John Laurant?
I'll start checking right away, because we never found it.

Thank you very much 

Best regards, 


Comment by Sherryl Crowley on November 20, 2018 at 17:25
Comment by Sherryl Crowley on November 20, 2018 at 17:49

Hi Yuliya,

As I wrote in the post from 2015, I just did a little searching and found that information.

If you look at the Ancestry site you'll find a Victorian death entry for John Laurent in 1988 his father listed as Stanislaw Laurant. Registration Number is 8596.

I wanted to make sure we had the right person so I checked the address for Jan Kolosko in 1968 it was 79 Norwood Street, Albion. This was the same address for John and Maria Laurent in 1972 to 1980 - 79 Norwood Street, Sunshine West (same as Albion). I don't know why they changed names but they are buried under their new names at Altona Memorial Park Cemetery in Victoria.

Plot number 32320, Floral Lawn, C, HH, 20.

These are the details for Altona Memorial Park Cemetery.

2-14 Dohertys Road
Altona North,
Victoria 3025

P: 1300 022 298
 I haven't the details from the paper yet but will try and look them up for you.
Comment by Yuliya Dubovik on November 21, 2018 at 1:52

Dear Sherryl,

I thank you so much for the work done, I do not have much experience in finding relatives and I could never find this information. Family did not know anything about Jan Kolosko and the search stopped on  the last mention in the electoral rolls in 1968. This information is very important.

Thank you on behalf of the whole family of Jan Kolosko /John Laurant

Best regards



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