I am looking for the Naturalization Record of Wilhelm Hess.  He was naturalized on 7 February 1876.  I have done a Record Search but unable to find any record.  He was a resident of Queensland.   Denis Hess

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Comment by Sylvia on June 26, 2020 at 17:45

I know that the NAA has early naturalisations for e.g Victoria and South Australia, but I have not seem them for Queensland. I could be wrong but Queensland State Archives will probably be the way to go.

There are 2 x 1876 entries for a "William Hess" in an index for early naturalisations. The links will take you to the series he can be found in, but I don't believe that his pages are online. The links are as follows:

I have never ordered anything from these archives, so I can’t help you with that process.



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