Names of 2/3rd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment. 7the Battery B Troop but which Gun Detachment?

Family History 

Father VX34003 Gunner Carlyon, J.T 'Tom'.

Battle of Crete.


Taken Prisoner - StalagVIIA, Stalag VIIIB/344, Lamsdorf March to Berlin StalagXIIIC, POW 92760

I'm putting together the back story of my father's journey, and I have not been able to find the breakdown of which Gun detachment that he was in. 

I have photos of a group of 8 men, including my father, in shorts in front of tents, on the back - Photoservice Tel-Aviv. 

Then a photo of 6 men, father included, in Stalag VIIA, with familiar faces from the tent image. The NAMES on the back are Jack Walsh, Thomas Hill, W Knight, ?, R Bailey.

I'm sure, there must be, somewhere, a list of personnal in each Gun Detachment.

Thank you in advance.

Always Hopeful.

Regards Patti Green

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