I am trying to unravel the mystery of the war service of my wife's grandfather, Arthur Sams during World War One.

Arthur enlisted at Liverpool on 30 November 1914 (listing his mother, Martha, as N.O.K.).  His Attestation Paper is available online (barcode 8076184).  However it also records that Arthur was discharged  just two months later, on 22 January 1915.  No reason for the discharge is given.  His file contains no other information and no other records relating to Arthur are listed in the NAA online.  His service number on the Attestation Paper is given simply as "Depot".

The mystery is that other information indicates that Arthur DID indeed serve during WW1 in Europe.  Three of his brothers also enlisted -- William Frederick Sams (Service Number 1762), Herbert Cecil (SN 2975) and Richard Hector (SN 2727).  One letter from brother William back to their mother, Martha, written from France in February 1917 and published in the Forbes Advocate at the time refers to Arthur serving alongside them in France.  Another letter from Richard in April 1917 and published in the Forbes Advocate under the headline "Four Brothers in Khaki" states that Arthur "is in England".

Can anyone help me solve this mystery?  Presumably Arthur re-enlisted a second time and the letters from his brothers suggest he went on to fight in France, but why is no record of this service available?  Any suggestions or guidance where else to look would be greatly appreciated.

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