Lennart abrahamsson born 1932 in sweden, came to Australia 1950´s, was married and had a daughter which probably is still alive. his parents was andrea abrahamsson and kalle, the mother was born in 1900-06-14 and died in 1972. Lennart Went on a ship to Australia and stayed there for the rest of his Life. The last Residence he had was in Mount Druitt Nsw.

Where he lived. The wife was English. I have many times tried to find them without any results what so ever. Lennart passed away in 2000, the wife I do not know when she died, where the daughter now is . If they ever became australian Citizens I do not know. I have tried too many times, relatives in sweden, have no clue about it.

this is just a try. If some one knows it would be a great help and grateful if some one can help me. bye from rainy sweden

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