I am looking for the service record of George Boyd Connor.  According to the dva nominal roll he had 3 separate service numbers - 437957, N78812,  NX34870   I suspect the first of these was from his time in the Sydney University Regiment, the second from the 20th Infantry Training Bn, Wallgrove, and the 3rd from active service - mainly with the 2/33rd Bn AIF.     He was in the 2/33 Bn at the time of his discharge in January 1945 which I believe was on medical grounds.  

NAA Record Search only provides a record of his Sydney Uni and ITB service.  The record has only 5 pages, and shows that in December 1940 he was 'seconded in unit of AMF for service in AIF and is appointed Lieutenant.'  The next (and final) statement on this record is 'for Continuous service see NX34870'

But a Name Search using this service number (ie NX34870) returns a 'no record' response.

Can anyone help with this? 

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Comment by Elizabeth Allen on March 28, 2022 at 13:48

Felicity,   the other record can be found on Record Search if you just put in the service no. NX34870  (don't include his name as it is listed under J B Connor)

it seems to be about some award and is not his service record by the looks of it

It might be worth contacting Army records or the Australian War Memorial for advice as it seems no one is answering queries on this NAA help forum at the moment - I think the staff are all on leave as there is no response to queries


Comment by Felicity Hickman on March 28, 2022 at 19:47

Thanks so much Elizabeth.  It's a small step, but good to know that the AWM does have a copy of the citation for that award.  But somewhere they must surely also have his service record.  I'll contact the AWM folk, as you suggest.  Fingers crossed!  Felicity

Comment by Elizabeth Allen on March 28, 2022 at 20:46

Felicity,   I am wondering if he re-enlisted in the Army after his discharge?  If so his record would not be on NAA

Probably Army Records will be able to help if you don't have any luck with the AWM - I notice he was a prisoner of war


Comment by Felicity Hickman on March 28, 2022 at 21:06

Hi Elizabeth.  It was a medical discharge but I guess that doesn't discount the possibility of re-enlistment.  I've written to the AWM research folk, and will try Army records if they're not able to help.  Thanks again.    PS - My interest is a side-line to the project I'm undertaking, of transcribing my father's wartime letters. (myfathersletters.wordpress.com )  I'm providing a bit of 'supporting colour' by researching topics associated with their content.  In this case, Captain Connor had been his Platoon Commander earlier in the war, and Dad clearly thought a lot of him. When a mystery like a missing service record crops up, I just have to pursue it!

Comment by Elizabeth Allen on March 28, 2022 at 21:29

Felicity  - that is a wonderful project

hope you have some luck finding the records you need



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