Where can I find a copy of the citation for the winning of a Military Medal in July 1917. I have the record in the London Gazette , but want the citation that says what the soldier did to win the medal

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Comment by Tonia (from NAA) on July 9, 2012 at 17:26


Apologies for the delay in responding to your posting.

You may find a copy of the citation on the individual's service record.  The National Archives of Australia has digitised the service records of all Australian service personnel who served in World War One.  You can find a service record:

1) Go to www.naa.gov.au/collection/using/search/index.aspx

2) Click on 'Begin your search'

3) Click on the green 'NameSearch' tab along the top of the screen

4) Enter the surname of the person you are interested in and select the Category 'World War I' from the drop down list.

5) Hit search.  You will see a screen with the number of search results.  If the person you are looking for has a common surname, you will then have the option to refine your search by given name or service number.

6) Once you have a manageable number of search results, click 'Display' to see a list of the service records. 

7) Once you have identified the individual you are interested in, click on the digitised item icon next to the database listing to see the actual record.  If you want to see more of the database information about the item, click on the control symbol link.

The Australian War Memorial also has additional information about military honours awarded to service men and women - you can see more information at www.awm.gov.au/research/infosheets/honours_awards.asp, especially under the heading 'Recommendations'.  If this page isn't useful to you, you can contact theWar Memorial's research centre by clicking on the 'Research Centre' link on the left hand side of the bottom of the page.



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