I am a private researcher and not related to person above.

He from arrived from UK many times to Australia and New Zealand from 1909-1915.

Trying to locate his movements in Australia any time in these years.

and from NZ to Australia 


from NZ to Australia to UK and return.

Most of all I know he may have arrived after 6 January 1915 to 12 January 1915 but looking for name of ship  and dates as well and times if possible and arriving in Sydney, Australia. Whether it departed from ChCh or likely Wellington or Auckland as after 13 January 1915 he was on a ship going to Victoria, Canada and Vancouver, Canada. Probably board in Sydney but need confirmation.

His names to be checked as follows:


B Head

Captain B Head

Capt Bernard Head

Major B Head

Major Bernard Head

Major Burnard Head

Burnard Head

or other names been sighted as this others

Born in UK 1876 and killed in August 1915

He was with the 1/5th TF Royal Welsh Fusiliers

and part of the NZEF from August 1914- January 1915, German Samoa

Fought in Boer war 1900-1901.

Have many other information about him and now his siblings visited Australia and interested these too.

Hugh Stanley Head

Geoffrey Head

Hester Pinney Head 


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