A few years ago I commenced a search for records of my Italian forebears when I attended the “Exiles and Immigrants” exhibition in Melbourne.


My grandfather’s name was Matteo Lombardi and I think he came to Australia on the Re D’Italia in 1926 or earlier. During WW2 he was interned in Victoria. I’m sure he was naturalised and this may have been in 1946-1947


I found three records that seemed to match his age – he died in 1962 reportedly aged 77 years.


“Lombardi, Matteo 19 May 1887 A435 1945/4/6567. Barcode 7024405. Canberra

Not Yet Examined  10 folios.”

Found that record today and it’s close to the right age BUT not interned?


“Lombardi, Matteo 25 April 1878 A435 1947/4/1370 Barcode 6984925. Canberra

Not Yet Examined 19 folios”

Found that record today and it’s a little bit older than the right age BUT not interned?.


“Lombardi, Matteo (Civil Alien Victoria) Number 3096.  Birth 1886

Series MT 8/4/0. Melbourne. Barcode 5903044   14 folios”

I have always thought that this one might be my grandfather. Have been trying the National archives for hours but there is no way I can call up this name or references. I’m trying to discover which ship in which year he came out and where and for how long he was interned.


In addition I have no idea of how to get into the A1652 Naturalization Index Cards – Box 54 - I think would be the one.

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Comment by Tonia (from NAA) on November 21, 2012 at 16:47

Hi Patricia

The National Archives of Australia has approximately 50 million items in its collection, but only a small proportion of these items have been indexed.    This is why you may have had difficulty identifying naturalisation records for your grandfather.  I recommend that you submit a reference inquiry using the online form at http://reftracker.naa.gov.au/reft100.aspx?key=03ImmiRef for his immigration or naturalisation records.  I also recommend that you submit a second reference inquiry for his internment records, using the online form at http://reftracker.naa.gov.au/reft100.aspx?key=04AlienInternRef.  For both inquiries, please provide as much information as possible, as this information helps us to separate one person from another if they have the same name (eg, the two naturalisation records you identified).

Regarding the three items you identified above:


Lombardi, Matteo 19 May 1887 A435 1945/4/6567. Barcode 7024405

Lombardi, Matteo 25 April 1878 A435 1947/4/1370 Barcode 6984925

These two records are naturalisation records, for two different Matteo Lombardis.


Lombardi, Matteo (Civil Alien Victoria) Number 3096

This record belongs to a group of records - Personal files for members of the CAC [Civil Aliens Corps] enlisted in Victoria.


Best of luck in your search


(NAA staff)


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