Hi all, I am looking for my Grandfather. On my fathers birth records 'Arthur Charles Brown' of the same name said he was born in 1890 in Brisbane Queensland. He was a Insurance Inspector with the Equitable Life Insurance Company of Queensland. He was it appears of dubious character and was convicted of fraud in 1924 in Victoria. Never met him but like most males presume would like to know my heritage regardless. My Grandmother was a daughter of a famous Former mayor of Warwick Queensland 'Edward Lambert Thornton'. My Grandfather never married my Grandmother 'Grace Pemberton Thornton' but she went by the name of Grace Brown and died in 1945. Arthur and Grace Brown had two children, Margaret Anne born in Rockhampton Queensland in 1918/19 and my father in 1924 who was born in Edithvale Victoria but has since passed away in 1960. Have spent a lot of time and money researching to try and establish the correct credentials of Arthur Brown but have had no luck. I believe the problem was the two Grand Parents lived together but never married because presume either of them were already married or divorced and the marriage did not eventuate. My mother Alice always said my Grandfather had relatives in Newcastle and Brisbane.  My Aunties (Margaret) Daughter was Elizabeth Johnson and she was up in the central coast of NSW, I guess in desperation does anyone know who was Arthur Brown AKA Arthur Charles Brown

Many thanks if you shed some light - Regards Allan Arthur Brown

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Comment by Debra on October 6, 2013 at 22:30

Hi Allan,

Arthur Brown - what a hard name to have to look for!  Do you know for certain that the man convicted of fraud in 1924 is your grandfather?  Did you already have this info passed down from the family or are you basing it on information that you have found yourself?

Do you know if Arthur and Grace stayed together, or if not, when they might have separated?

Here are links to the prison records in case you don't have them - he looks a bit like Glenn McGrath!!

Arthur Brown  


Partner in crime Samuel Bernard Helwig



Comment by Allan Arthur Brown on October 7, 2013 at 15:33

Hi Debra, thanks for your reply. Yes, Brown is not easy. I do have transcripts of the trial and visited North Melbourne Public Records to obtain a photograph. It is very likely Arthur Brown did work for a insurance company (Equitable LIfe) and lived in Edithvale where my father was born. In transcripts it mentioned Arthur Brown had two young children, one being a baby. Presume my Auntie Margaret was the young child and my father being born in Feb 1924 was the baby. The ages of Graces children align with Arthur Browns trial perfectly. However the trace after the trial and imprisonment goes dead.

I am nearly positive my Grandfather did not marry Grace Brown. As mentioned in my initial post my Grandmother did live in the North Shore of Sydney. I have seen the funeral notice but no mention of 'Arthur Brown'. I have a suspicion that Arthur Brown could of been a bigamist or simply fell in love, had children and left. There is a radion presenter in Sydney Gosfor called John Goss probably married Elizabeth Johnson but when I contacted him he was reticent to give out information concerning Elizabeths contact details. I am sure Eliabeth provided she is alive would know vital information. But off course I can not find her details to ask!

Comment by Allan Arthur Brown on January 18, 2014 at 14:46

Presume the last comment posted on my page has nothing to do with my post. In particular express slimming etc. Happy to be corrected by someone who can translate the entry or am I correct.


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