Trying to find out what boat Harriet Jones, actress came out on in perhaps November l825.

Believed to have landed in Sydney  N.S.W with two children and possibly husband.

Acted with Barnett Levey's Theatre.

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Comment by Debra on February 26, 2012 at 15:49

Hi Felicity,

The ship was the "Mountaineer".  It appears that the manifest has not survived, but they were generally just a list of names in this time period, so wouldn't give any information about Harriet.



Comment by Felicity Adderley on February 27, 2012 at 14:18

Hi, Debbie,

What a lovely surprise!   I am thrilled.  This is also my first ever blog, so really excited. Thanks so much.

I wonder if that was all the passengers on the boat.   

This Harriet was the mother of Charles Jones, actor, comedian and theatre manager in early days of Australia.

Charles was probably one of the children on the  boat.

Thanks again,


Comment by Debra on February 27, 2012 at 17:54

Hi Felicity,

I think that is a full passenger list as they usually note the number of other passengers if not named.  There was probably no room for any more with all the livestock onboard. Must have smelt great. Here is a list:  (column 4)  Then they picked up 200 sheep from Tasmania to go to NSW. 

If you didn't know about the "Mountaineer" then I am wondering if you know the full story of Harriet Jones and her husband William? 


Comment by Felicity Adderley on February 28, 2012 at 10:13

Hi Debra,    

No, I don't know much of her story prior emigration or anything about her husband, who was apparently William. Interested to know where she resided in U.K.  I have been trying to get more on this generation of the Jones's family and why she came out alone.   Was he a convict?   I believe she was a actress with Barnett Levey's Co in Sydney,(if I have the right Harriet Jones, who later ran off with Conrad Knowles) and quite a spunky little lady.  I am a descendant and what an interesting family tree I have, I guess you are also in the family tree somewhere.  Do you know the names of her children and how many she had?

Thanks again,

Felicity A.

Comment by Debra on February 29, 2012 at 10:46

Hi Felicity,

No I am not related, I just like to collect interesting people!  Can I ask, was your Charles Jones the one who died in 1864?  If not, who did your Charles marry and when did he die? There appear to be a few unrelated Jones's involved in the theatre in the early 1800's. I will type up some info about Harriet and William (yes he was a convict) but I am struggling to find a son Charles!  How did you connect him to Harriet?



Comment by Felicity Adderley on February 29, 2012 at 17:31

Debra,  Yes this is the same Charles Jones 1812-1864.  My mother did research many years ago at Mitchell Library and in her writings mentioned a Harriet Jones and some stories about her acting exploits and also mentioned that she understood she was Charles Jones's mother.  I will double check her writing when time permits.  I saw her mentioned in The Concise Companion to the Theatre in Australia by Philip Parsons.

birthdate unsure." The first female professional performer in Australia, Jones played a wide range of characters, excelling in comic parts.  She was small of stature and apparently slim, for even in middle age she often played breeches roles.  She arrived in Sydney with 2 children in November l825; she may have been married to a convict.  The Sydney Monitor praised  her great simplicity and sweetness of style when she sang in concerts given by Barnett Levy in August l826. Also in the Company was Conrad Knowles with whom she left for London in l837.  I know nothing about  her husband, would appreciate a little info if you have it and can give you more from mine about Harriet later.   I am getting some more info regarding Charles soon and he is mentioned as also  being a convict, There is a book, Charles Jones - Convict Silversmith of Van Diemens Land, by B 0'Driscoll and in it they reckon that he was assigned to David Barclay , watchmaker, Hobart Town.    So what is the truth,  father and son both convicts?  The son would surely be to young to be a convict ,so was Charles in trouble over here . Apparently he went down to Hobart in l833.  Some sleuthing needs to be done, what are the names of children that you have found?  May have more details tomorrow re Charles.                                                          bye   Felicity

Comment by Debra on February 29, 2012 at 23:09

Hi Felicity,

Unfortunately Charles Jones and Harriet are not connected.  There is a bit about Charles and some of his silver work here

They have his year of birth wrong - he was actually 21 when he was transported so born around 1812.  He fibbed when he married Mary Thompson in 1841.  He gives his native place as Birmingham on his convict records.  Charles and Mary did not go to Sydney from Tasmania until 1858 so they were there a lot later than Harriet Jones.  By that time Harriet was performing in Melbourne and Adelaide and had married comedian Harry Lambert.  She died as Harriet Lambert in South Australia in 1871. Charles Jones' wife Mary Christina Thompson was also an actress.

Harriet Jones was enumerated on the 1828 census with one son, Thomas Lloyd Jones, aged 6, both arrived free on the Mountaineer.  He and another son William were both born in London, but William must have died I think in 1827.  She is always only accompanied by one son or one child in shipping records up until about 1840, so I do think he was her only child. She and Conrad Knowles did return from London in 1838 and he died in 1844.

In a nutshell, Harriet was Harriet Gooden and she married William in London in 1820. William Lloyd Jones was a comedian and actor who was tried for receiving stolen goods (shoes) in 1825. He was transported for 14 years on the "Minstrel" to Sydney but volunteered to go up to Moreton Bay, probably in the hope that his sentence would be reduced.  There is quite a bit of correspondence in the Colonial Secretary's letters re Moreton Bay (Qld State Library) about them.  He managed to get sent back to Sydney, and in 1831 (I think it would have been about the time that Conrad Knowles turned up) he tried to shoot Harriet in a fit of jealousy.  He shot himself instead but recovered.  His TOL was revoked for threatening the life of his wife, and it is interesting that his COF notes "nose inclining to the right side, mark of a wound from a pistol ball on left side", so it looks like he tried to shoot himself in the face or head.  Harriet mentions this incident many years later, and I will post the link below.  William was free in 1839 and was lock-up keeper at Hartley, but I don't know what happened to him after that. I feel sorry for him, such a mess. He used the "Lloyd" in his name before he was convicted, but was tried and transported as just "William Jones".  He started to use it again after he arrived.

There was also the family of David Jones (of department store fame) who were using the "Lloyd Jones" name combination, and the Chartist William Lloyd Jones who was transported to Tas, so it makes searching the papers hard!

Interestingly there was also a Master Stephen and Miss Tilly (Matilda) Jones who were involved in the 1830's/40's theatre in Sydney.  The play "The Currency Lass" (My Native Girl) was written for Tilly in 1844.  I believe they were the children of convict Stephen Jones and his wife Matilda.

Charles Edward Jones's obit

...and death notice


One of Charles' ads in the Tas papers

Love and suicide

Harriet's marriages (about half way down the second highlighted column)

I will see if I can find a mention of Charles Jones' trial in the UK papers, but I think you will find that looking for him in Birmingham will be like looking for a needle in a haystack!



Comment by Felicity Adderley on March 1, 2012 at 15:12

Hi Debra,

 I did more digging last night and also found the site you sent me re the Silverware which I sent off to my sister.  Thanks so much,for all your info. 

  I looked also into my mother's writings and she had written incorrectly that Harriet was Charles's mother, probably trying to put 2 and 2 together being same name and same game but that does not always work.  Sorry you have put yourself to all this investigation but I gather you enjoy it.  Now I at least know that he was a convict and when he was sentenced.   Shame it is such a popular name, Jones.  I also found the Matilda Jones and her children in the Theatre Encyclopedia.  I know Charles lied, he actually had age 22 on his marriage certificate in l841.  

I am not connected to Ancestry yet but probably will as I hope to go back another generation in his family (may not be possible as you say) simply because I have gone back that far on the other members.

I know about Charles Jones's sad death, think he probably got into funds and thought suicide an easier way out.

Find Harriet' Jones's story interesting even if she is not related as her name appears quite often in information I have regarding early Theatre. She was one game lady and Charles Jones certainly led a full life too.

My mother made no mention in her copious notes of the convict connection, maybe she chose to ignore it!


 thanks a lot for the info,  Look after yourself,

I am learning about this genealogy searching and will take no one's word for granted in future.


Comment by Debra on March 1, 2012 at 19:48

Hi Felicity,

Links to some of Charles' records at Tas Archives:

Berrow's Worcester Journal (Worcester, England), Thursday, July 05, 1832; Issue 6756

James Dilly, aged 31, and Charles Jones, alias Edward Darby, 21, were charged with stealing a cod-fish from the shop of Wm. Hardman, Shambles.  Jones pleaded guilty and Dilly was found guilty by the Jury.  After the verdict a certificate was put in, shewing that in 1823 Dilly had been transported for 7 years for a felony.  He served his time in the Bermudas.  Under these circumstances the Court thought it right to sentence him to fourteen years transportation.  Jones was sentenced to seven years transportation.  It appears he escaped some time since from Birmingham Gaol, where he was confined on a charge of housebreaking with two others who were afterwards transported for life.

So it seems that Charles escaped before he could be tried the first time, and an alias!  Perhaps you might find surviving apprenticeship indentures at the Birmingham archives?

They all had interesting lives, but reading the theatre stuff you can't help thinking that they must have been exhausted!!



Comment by Felicity Adderley on March 2, 2012 at 10:05

Debra,    Thanks so much for that, yes I have considered the Birmingham archives and will try some time but very busy at present.   My everyday chores are getting behind here so may just finish off some altering and filling in on charts before searching more.   Yes, I agree with the exhaustion and trying to run Theatre Co's, and being a Silversmith with 5 children, the mind boggles. 

I may use this site again,  Thanks

Have a good day,



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