According to Ancestry there was a Feiwel Kaminker who lived in Australia.


I am looking for more genealogical information of Feiwel (Fritz) Kaminker. I am not familiar with genealogical searching. I am living in The Netherlands. So any help would be very much appreciated.


This is the Feiwel (Fritz) Kaminker who I am looking for. Feiwel (Fritz) Kaminker was born on 11 March 1914 in Nisko, Galicia, Austria (now Poland), son of Naftali Kaminker and Ruchla (Regina) Both. Nisko is a place, but also a district. Before WWI it belongs to the Austria-Hungarian Empire. During WWI the family moved to Vienna, Austria. During WW2 he was in The Netherlands and Auschwitz and perhaps other camps and places.He survived WW2. If he moved to Australia it would be after WW2.


I have some questions, but any information would be helpful. Did Feiwel (Fritz) Kaminker who I am looking for moved to Australia? Did Feiwel (Fritz) Kaminker got a more English familyname and given name in Australia? Where did he live in Australia? Did Feiwel (Fritz) Kaminker marry? To who? When and where did Feiwel (Fritz) Kaminker pass away?


Thank you very much in front.


With the best wishes,


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