Why are the court marshall records for WWI not in digital format?

Also, why can't I see the enlistment papers for this family member? Are they with the court marshall records?

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Comment by Debra on July 22, 2013 at 1:55

Hi Julie,

There are many records in the NAA catalogue which have not yet been digitised.  The WW1 service records were put online as a gift to the nation, but you can request digitization of other records that you find in the catalogue http://forum.naa.gov.au/forum/topics/purchasing-digital-copies-onli

Did your person serve in both World Wars?  If this is the case, their two service records may be amalgamated.

If you want to post some details I will see if I can find them, sometimes it is just a matter of a name being spelt a little differently.  Have you found him on the nominal roll?  If so, try searching for just the service number in RecordSearch.  The nominal roll is here http://www.awm.gov.au/research/people/nominal_rolls/first_world_war/

If you are using keywords to find COURT MARTIAL records make sure you spell it correctly or you will get no results.



Comment by Tonia (from NAA) on July 29, 2013 at 9:27

Hi Julie

In addition to Debra's response,  court martial records and defence service records are two different kinds of records, and court martial records are not kept with the defence service records.  The court martial records are in the series A471 (WWI service records are in B2455), which was not digitised as part of the gift to the nation.


If you conduct a search and find a record for the person that you are interested in that is in the series A471, that is the court martial record.  There may be reference to the court martial in the service record.  If the person who you are interested in served after WWI, as Debra mentioned in her posting, the WWI component of the service record will have been amalgamated into the later service records.  If the later period service record hasn't been digitised, please let me know, as we do make sure that the WWI component is digitised as part of the gift to the nation.



(NAA staff)




Comment by Kevin Clarence on August 2, 2013 at 11:31

I received my Grandfather's Court Martial record in the post after paying for it.  It was very detailed with transcripts from the Trial and statements given.  A fantastic record of what he went through and well worth the money. 


A bit of a laugh really as he was charged with stealing a pair of overalls from the store (for use in his Army position) after someone pinched his overalls from his coat hook.  They even went to his home with a search warrant to look for the overalls.  What a waste of time and resources during War time.  He was found not guilty BTW .... hehehehe!!!!!


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