My name is Howard

I trying to find a person whom i am not related to that is Bernard Head he left uk in 1908-1915.

And came to Australia several times during this time either going back to uk or from nz.

I am trying to trace all of his travel movements by ship or any means, so i am looking for dates and names of vessels he traveled on, as a private researcher i found already a lot about him in nz so now to complete the picture trying to find more of him in australia.

So main focus trying to find his ship in sailed from either in january or february 1915 from sydney i believe or did start from nz i am not sure but i have records but no proof he was on the rms niagara.

As i have seen records of no dates the ship departing from sydney and looking for this date and looking for other dates what i believe the next stops were auckland, suva, honolulu, victoria- canada and last stop vancouver.

I have no proof but seen records he was on this ship as on the 11 feb 1915 he arrived in victoria, canada and on same day vancouver then on 24 feb 1915 on the ship and no proof he arrived in honolulu then on 6 march 1915 he was on the ship megantic departing from new york and on the script its says queenstown is that australia or ireland then arrived in liverpool uk. After this date i have confirmed reports about him and his travels and finally his death in 1915. Aged 39.

i now where he was born and dob and his siblings names and his parents names too.

strange enough i have seen his name written as follows, major b head, capt b head, b head, burnard head, bunard head, bernard head and mason b head.

So anyone can help out or suggest to me or sent me proof of any records so i can check and maybe print as well i would be most happy.




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