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Arrival records.

Hi there,  my name is Julie Christensen, previously Julie Ferguson.  I arrived in Australia (from NZ) around October 1980, with my ex, husband Ian Francis Ferguson and two daughters, Asha Jane Ferguson and Jade Marie Ferguson.   I have been trying to obtain records showing my arrival, but searches are not turning up this information.  International Movements have only been able to provide information post 1981 and this site does not cover the 1980 period either.  I am wishing to obtain…


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Looking for Court of Inquiry papers

Beaufort A9 350 crashed on Saddleback Mountain near Gerringong in November 1943. Records for the crash do exist but I am looking for the Court of Inquiry papers which seem to have vanished although they are mentioned in the files of some of the airmen who were killed in the accident.

Added by Robert William Christie on February 28, 2018 at 15:00 — 1 Comment

Patrick Owen McCauley

Looking for information on when Patrick came to Australia. He was born in Donegal, Ireland in 1832 and married Rose Lynch in South Australia 1856.

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Leslie Raymond Windon

Wondering if its possible to have my father-in-laws Service Records open and provided by NAA quicker than 6 week to to several months.

We are trying to identify service medals he would have been issued.  Leslie Raymond Windon enlisted 22 Apr. 1941 and discharged 08 Oct 1942.  Rank; Private.  We believe he was in Papa New Guinea.  Posting at Discharge was 53 Battalion and discharged at Sydney Showground.

Leslie Windon was born 18 March 1915 in Crows Nest, NSW.



Added by Frank Miles on February 12, 2018 at 10:53 — 5 Comments


I am looking for Ron Carnell or his relatives .

All I know is that he was in the air force during WW1 and was posted at Queenbean at the end of the War.

Added by Tony.Gilpin on February 4, 2018 at 19:16 — 9 Comments

Boar war

Does any body know if war graves from the boar war have ever been marked in some way.

Added by Tony.Gilpin on February 4, 2018 at 19:10 — 9 Comments

finding relative

Looking for Vincent Cullen who emigrated in 1963 or 64 got a job in nsw in the mines I believe he came from london england ,but came  down to my nans to be looked after from manchester.he had five brothers and 1 sister.He also had a brother in australia Peter his wife was Joan hope to find him or some relations thanks chris

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finding relative

Hi  I am looking for Vincent Cullen who emigrated to australia about 1962 or 1963,he lived in london at the time he left ,but came from manchster,had five brothers and 1 sister ,peter his brother also emigrated to australia with wife Joan they had children,not sure when they emigrated I believe Vincent got a job in the mines in nsw.I hope I can find him or some relations ,he would be about 75 or 76 now. thank you Chris

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Looking for Enlistment Photograph WW1

I'm looking for an enlistment photograph of my grandfather, who was killed during WW1. I've been told that photos taken of soldiers on enlistment are held in the archives, but despite spending a very long time doing numerous searches, I've had no luck. Would anyone please be able to give me some advice on how to find this photo - none exist in the family, and I'd love to know what he looked like. Many thanks.

Added by Berrie Cameron-Allen on January 17, 2018 at 13:40 — 2 Comments

Try to locate family in Australia

After many years of wondering about family members I found this site and hope it may shed some light. I have visited Oz on a number of occasions myself but never seem to have the time to spend researching this, although I did visit the records office in Sydney on one last visit.

So, my family members left UK in the summer of 1969 (could have been 1970).  They were a family of eight.  The family name is Weir.

Richard (43)

Elizabeth (Betty)  (36)



Added by Debbie Read on January 16, 2018 at 1:42 — 5 Comments

Trying to find a £10 pom

I am trying to find George Johnson who was a £10 pom and emigrated in 1965 or 1966. He lived in Nottingham and would be about 72 now. By trade he was a roofer but also played the drums and was an excellent swimmer. Also had a deaf & dumb brother. Unable to find him on the passenger lists.

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Finding My relatives in Australia

Trying to find long lost relatives from Italy to Australia after WW ll.

Giovanni Carbone and wife Rachela ( Nee Lagudi ) .

Also with Children . Don't know how many or sex.

Thank you,Joseph A . Lagudi 


Added by Joseph A Lagudi on January 1, 2018 at 3:14 — 8 Comments


My name is Howard

I trying to find a person whom i am not related to that is Bernard Head he left uk in 1908-1915.

And came to Australia several times during this time either going back to uk or from nz.

I am trying to trace all of his travel movements by ship or any means, so i am looking for dates and names of vessels he traveled on, as a private researcher i found already a lot about him in nz so now to complete the picture trying to find more of him in…


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Searching info on G E A Kenney

Mr Kenney was a saddler 67 Stephen Street, Melbourne (prior to that profession was a photographer) in about 1870 onwards. Prior to that he made a miniature saddle for the Intercolonial Exhibition in Melbourne in 1866.  It was detailed in a newspaper article and I was wondering if anyone on this site was a relative of his and knew of the existence of the miniature saddle?  He also took out a patent for a stirrup bar that was quick release should you become dragged by your horse. I have a copy…


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I have been searching for the descendants of Louis Lashatelle or variation of?
He married Bridget Regan from Ireland in 1856 parramatta Nsw

Cannot find where he is from in France or what his family did etc. I have their names August Lashtel and Eugene Jvernois France. Louis born France c1827. Is there any descendants out there.
Regards Jenny jorgensen

Added by Jennifer Lesley jorgensen on November 29, 2017 at 16:30 — No comments

yeun hop sue/james georgesue

HI. I am looking for any information on the above, he arrived in 1900 and was in the roma street markets, lived on montague road, west end, wifes name was florence maud emslie, he is my wife's grandfather. Our search on him always seems to run into a dead end, would like to find out his arrival details and any thing about him. cheers russell

Added by russell webber on November 11, 2017 at 12:41 — 3 Comments

Edward C Evans, 1927

Edward C Evans was born in Altrincham, Cheshire in 1889. His occupation was MUSICIAN in the 1911 UK Census.

He emigrated to Australia in 1927 with his wife Mabel and daughter Lucy; Sydney was the arrival port. They left London on July 12, 1927 on the ship MORETON BAY of the Australian Commonwealth Line.

He was 38 years old in 1927.He was my grandmother's brother and until I found the passenger list we had no idea what happened to him after about 1911, except…


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Louis Lashatelle or LASHATEL shipping index from France to Australia

Parents Auguste Lashatel

Eugene Jvernois

Looking for any information on 28 year old, Louis Lashatel born France c 1827.

Shipping from France to Australia 1851-1856

Want to locate where in France he was born.

thank you

Added by Jennifer Lesley Jorgensen on October 28, 2017 at 13:49 — 16 Comments

Peter Edward LESTER

I am new to family history research and have come to a brick wall.

I have traced my my maternal grandmother's father to Victoria.

His name was Peter Edward LESTER. He was a carpenter. His father is listed as John LESTER on the Naturalisation Certificate in 1869. I have an approx birth date of April 1836.

A friend of a friend was able to post this but no link ..."There’s also an online index to Victoria’s Naturalisation Certificates.  It has a Peter LESTER in that index. …


Added by Irene Whennan on October 19, 2017 at 22:45 — 6 Comments

Stephen Hoy

I have received the message copied below and can I say that this is not what I expected from a site like the National Archives of Australia.

When you are searching for somebody and they send you an email asking you to contact them as they have information, it builds your hopes up and then when you receive this your hopes are dashed.....I am very, very unhappy about this!!…


Added by Wendy Faiers on October 19, 2017 at 18:54 — 2 Comments

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