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Hi. Am trying to trace my half sister Linda Ann Heywood. Possibly lives in Adelaide or New South Wales. Father was Claude Alexander Heywood. Last address adelaide

Hi. Am trying to trace my half sister Linda Ann Heywood. Possibly lives in Adelaide or New South Wales. Father was Claude Alexander Heywood. Last address adelaide


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I am searching for any information on Leonard Joseph Gazzard born in 1877 and died in March 1948.

Ruth Ellis

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I am researching my family tree and Walters name often cropped up when I was growing up. His brother Albert was my Grandad on my Dads side.

The COATESWORTH family has often wondered what happened to Walter and I have found quite a few interesting things about him, not all on the strait and narrow but that adds to the COATESWORTH story.

I would love to hear from anyone who knows of or has ant Australian…


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What is meant by File cover only - Top numbered to W

I have been researching my family but have come across this File cover only - Top numbered to W.

Before purchasing anything further as I have already purchased something that is not covering my topic, does this mean I would not get the full documentation available.

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Major Bernard Head 1876-1915..part one

I am a private researcher and not related to person above.

He from arrived from UK many times to Australia and New Zealand from 1909-1915.

Trying to locate his movements in Australia any time in these years.

and from NZ to Australia 


from NZ to Australia to UK and return.

Most of all I know he may have arrived after 6 January 1915 to 12 January 1915 but looking for name of ship  and dates as well and times if possible and arriving in…


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WW2 Italian POWs on farm placement

I'd like to find any details on two Italian POWs who were paroled to a farm in Western Victoria in the late 1940s, certainly after the European war ended and possibly while the war was still on. 

I have (somewhere) one or two photos, taken about 1947. 

Can anyone please suggest a source and an initial search approach? I don't have the names of the prisoners, but I can provide the name of the employer, and the location.

Thank you. 

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Looking for information on two Naval Officers


I'm looking for information or the whereabouts of two naval officers. They could possibly still be alive.

Walter John Jarvis Smith - Born 10th March 1933 in Eumundi, QLD. Service number: 44028. He joined the service in 1951.

Raymond Thomas Ford - Born 5th July 1939 in Rockhampton, QLD. Service number: R55199. Joined in 1959.

Both men joined in Brisbane.

Both men spent most of their time in the service in Sydney.

And both men were married…


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Looking for information for Williamina Hay

I am looking for any information for Williamina Hay born 1878 Glasgow, Scotland; immigrated to Australia between 1901 and 1970.  She possibly married Ernest Anthony (could be spelt differently).  They did not have any children.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Added by Jean Hennessey on February 11, 2019 at 6:18 — 2 Comments

World War I Internment of British subjects as Prisoners.

I am attempting to fill in a missing few years of the life of my wife's great grandfather, Wilfred Gottlieb Roland Patrick NORDMANN. He was born in British India in 1876 and emigrated to South Australia with his mother in 1891. His father was was an engineer from Prussia who served in the Anglo-German Legion in the Crimea before taking up a position as railways engineers in India. He married Sarah Cadell in India.

It is not known what became of  the father, Karl Friedrich Nordmann. He…


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James Bartlett VX88839

Good Morning,

I have been looking for details of another family member enlisted in WW2 1939 to 1948.

I was hoping to find details of his service record and background to his involvement in the period enlisted.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.



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Andrew John Bartlett NX54980 Prisoner of war


I am looking for anything about my great uncle who was captured by the Japanese WW2 in Thailand {Siam}

We know his commemorative plaque is in the war cemetery in Katchanaburi and have visited in the past but have no information on how he actually got there and the events leading up to being captured.

We are not sure if he died whilst still captured or whether he was released then died. 

He suffered from injuries of poor health it seems

Anyone that can…


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Looking for family member of Gladys Currie (m.s.Wright) bn 1914 Stirlingshire. Scotland

My Aunt Gladys m.s Wright. Born 1914. Stirlingshire. Scotland.

She married Robert Graham Currie. Bn 1911 Scotland

They married in Scotland.

Then they emigrated to Australia with 4 children from Southampton UK, 1947. On Asturias ship.

Their children are;

Robert Graham Currie, bn 1933 Scotland

James Graham Currie, bn 1942, Scotland

Robina Graham Currie, bn1937 Scotland

Gladys Graham Currie bn 1935 Scotland

I didn't know my mother…


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How do you get a bar code for a search

My sister-in-law came to Australia with my brother and one child in 1967 on the FairSky or the FairSea. 

She left with my brother and two children in 1971. 

She is now seeking to return on a Resident Return Visa but has no official  documentation to show that. 

When I put in her details to search they ask for a bar code. I don't know how to get that bar code. 

Can anyone help, please?


Added by Jean Hay on June 20, 2018 at 17:02 — 5 Comments

How do you get a bar code for a search?

My sister in law came to Australia in 1967 with my brother and one child as a $10 Pom and left in 1971 with my brother and two children. She wants to return to live in Australia but doesn't have documentation of her migration here. 

She wants to come with a Resident Return Visa. This may be possible if She can find evidence of her arrival under the migration system as it then was. 

She came on either the Fair Sky or the Fair Sea

When I put…


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Elizabeth Izabella Jane Hood/Hall/Forster

please  - anyone help me with research on this lady's life.  I am particularly interested in the time she was married to Wm Lewis Hall      Judy Knight

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Bondi Beach Groynes

The Concrete Groynes not there ( blown up by army in January 1942. )

I cannot locate any information on this happening, any leads please

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Mystery Number

When I was a child (10 months old) my family emigrated from the UK to Australia as ‘ten pound poms’. 
I was able to find us on the passenger arrivals list for the Canberra in 1965. 
Then I was able to see scans of the incoming passenger cards and see my mum’s and dad’s writing on cards filled in when we arrived!
Fantastic... and that’s when I was flummoxed. 
Item 3 on the incoming passenger card is “Passport or other Travel Document…

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Understanding notes and information on Military records 1920-1928

Hi everyone

I am trying to understand some information on a relatives Naval record 1920-1928.

He arrived from the RN and then transferred after 2 years to the RAN and then married and stayed in Australia til his death  1951.

It would seem the original information on his record was minimal as he was originally on loan from the RN.  I can decipher various additions of notes over the 8 year period by the handwriting and it would seem his personal information eg date and…


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Immigration/Emigration....Edward Victor Claude Crowe, b: 29/12/1887 Stratford, Essex, England

I know that Edward arrived in Melbourne on the "Nestor" in 1926.  I also know that he did not obtain Australian citizenship, so possibly couldn't stay in the country for very long, but what happens to him after that is a mystery.

There seem to be records of outbound passengers on a register that in not available online.....can anyone research on my behalf?  How do I go about this?

Many Thanks  

Added by Gillian Hopkins on March 9, 2018 at 0:58 — 4 Comments


I'm having difficulty getting details of great-grandfather transported from Ireland in July 1851. 

Added by Dermot Reidy on March 7, 2018 at 3:03 — 10 Comments

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