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finding relative

Looking for Vincent Cullen who emigrated in 1963 or 64 got a job in nsw in the mines I believe he came from london england ,but came  down to my nans to be looked after from manchester.he had five brothers and 1 sister.He also had a brother in australia Peter his wife was Joan hope to find him or some relations thanks chris

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finding relative

Hi  I am looking for Vincent Cullen who emigrated to australia about 1962 or 1963,he lived in london at the time he left ,but came from manchster,had five brothers and 1 sister ,peter his brother also emigrated to australia with wife Joan they had children,not sure when they emigrated I believe Vincent got a job in the mines in nsw.I hope I can find him or some relations ,he would be about 75 or 76 now. thank you Chris

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Looking for Enlistment Photograph WW1

I'm looking for an enlistment photograph of my grandfather, who was killed during WW1. I've been told that photos taken of soldiers on enlistment are held in the archives, but despite spending a very long time doing numerous searches, I've had no luck. Would anyone please be able to give me some advice on how to find this photo - none exist in the family, and I'd love to know what he looked like. Many thanks.

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Try to locate family in Australia

After many years of wondering about family members I found this site and hope it may shed some light. I have visited Oz on a number of occasions myself but never seem to have the time to spend researching this, although I did visit the records office in Sydney on one last visit.

So, my family members left UK in the summer of 1969 (could have been 1970).  They were a family of eight.  The family name is Weir.

Richard (43)

Elizabeth (Betty)  (36)



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Trying to find a £10 pom

I am trying to find George Johnson who was a £10 pom and emigrated in 1965 or 1966. He lived in Nottingham and would be about 72 now. By trade he was a roofer but also played the drums and was an excellent swimmer. Also had a deaf & dumb brother. Unable to find him on the passenger lists.

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Finding My relatives in Australia

Trying to find long lost relatives from Italy to Australia after WW ll.

Giovanni Carbone and wife Rachela ( Nee Lagudi ) .

Also with Children . Don't know how many or sex.

Thank you,Joseph A . Lagudi 


Added by Joseph A Lagudi on January 1, 2018 at 3:14 — 8 Comments

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